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tantric desires with leggy lana cox

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Nylon play and extreme high heels

HD Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 11/08/17

Photoset - 08/08/17

It's nylon play and extreme high heels today, oh how I do enjoy both! Come on, join me and watch me play with my huge black cock toy, bouncing on it, then satisfying my hungry and wet pussy!

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Foot lovers paradise

HD Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 04/08/17

Photoset - 01/08/17

Well, now it's time for some plain bare foot teasing with just me, my naked feet and my eager fingers probing my wet pussy! Mmm, what can possibly be better then that?… Red toes, crinkly soles, high arches, you will definitely be in a foot lovers paradise!!

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Swinging in my high heel shoe fetish

HD Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 28/07/17

Photoset - 25/07/17

I get a lot of requests for a simple, no talk high heels video, with shoe dipping, dangling, heel clicking, foot on foot rubbing, pointing and so so many things we girls take for granted, and you, gents enjoy so much! Hope you enjoy this one, it's just for you hunny!!

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My Massive Sword Toy

HD Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 21/07/17

Photoset - 18/07/17

Now your invited into my dressing room, this is where I do my make up and get dressed for all my photoshoots. I love dressing up in my fully fashioned nylons, high heels and sexy lingerie! Looking hot makes me feel hot too, and I often end up on my changing room sofa playing with the biggest toy I can find! This time it's a massive sword dildo, I still can't believe my pussy can take it!

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My willing Butler

HD Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 14/07/17

Photoset - 11/07/17

I was just getting dressed for dinner, when my butler came up to let me know it was ready. I was just clipping my suspender belt to my stockings, so decided to ask him to adjust my seams since he was there! He has eagerly obliged, on his knees, lovingly straightening my seams. I asked him to do it with his tongue instead, enjoying his warm wet mouth on my legs! I started to get turned on and took it further, feeling his cock and tasting it with my mouth before wrapping my silky stocking over it! I then started sucking it until I could feel his sperm seeping into my mouth through the sheer stocking, oh how horny!

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Sticky foot cream

HD Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 07/07/17

Photoset - 04/07/17

The best thing about being a woman is the power that she holds over a man! And a woman with sexy little feet has even more power, so let me show you how I use it on a helpless male! You can even enjoy watching his cock grow under my sexy feet before ordering him to wank his cock with my leather shoe, and fill it with his cum! Mmm, it makes a lovely foot cream if I do say!

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Foot play and dildo action

HD Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 30/06/17

Photoset - 27/06/17

I love teasing men with my feet, so come and join me for some hot footplay action! Watch me tease you, dangle my sexy heels, get you lying right under my foot, smelling the aroma of my soles and worshipping my shoe.. .And if that's not enough, look up and enjoy the view of my naked wet pussy, as I start to pleasure myself with my big dildo!

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My ex lover's sex games in an abandoned burnt house

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 23/06/17

Photoset - 20/06/17

I was tied up in a chair and blindfolded with a stocking! I could hear a voice that sounded familiar, and her hands were roaming all over my body! A girl I've used for sex and left for someone else, was reminding me of her delights that I was missing! She really wanted to teach me a lesson, so she removed my blindfold and showed me a huge black dildo she wanted to insert inside me! That was the very first time I had a toy that big, she pushed the dildo deep inside me, stretching my pussy hole to the limit! I must admit that I really enjoyed my big black cock, and soon she was the one on the receiving end of my dildo, that I had stored in my briefcase when she pounced on me!

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My bondage fantasies

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 16/06/17

Photoset - 13/06/17

I love sex and i'm always willing to try out new and exciting things, so this time I'm asking you to tie me up with sexy silk scarves, as I pleasure myself with my vibrator! Listen to me moan through the silk gag as I bring myself to a powerful orgasm! Mmm, I really got a taste for bondage, and can't wait to try out more sexy games with some horny stud ready for some hot action!

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I just can't get enough of riding my big black dildo

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 09/06/17

Photoset - 06/06/17

I love playing out my sexiest fantasies, so this time I'm playing for just your eyes only! I'm changing seductively from my boots into my sexy high heeled shoes, dangling, heel licking and teasing you more and more! Before I finally giving you a good show, riding on my big fat black dildo on my glass coffee table! Watch closely as my pussy juices drip down the shaft as I climax all over it! Mmm just so satisfying and amazing!

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Cum on in to see my fetish room

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 02/06/17

Photoset - 30/05/17

I've had such a great time at the fetish club, that I've decided to build my own fetish room in my house, and your are invited to see me try it out and play with my hot wet pussy! I'm wearing a sexy pink basque, silky pink stockings and thigh high boots, just for you! I'll thrust the biggest black dildo I've got right up to the balls, so you can watch my juices flow as I fuck myself with it! Then see my cum running down onto the silk sheets...

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I'm back at the fetish club for another hardcore dom session

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 26/05/17

Photoset - 23/05/17

I really enjoyed my first time in the fetish club and couldn't wait to come back for more! So this time I got dressed in a tight pvc dress, black stockings, heels and my hands cuffs! My dom Danica dressed in tight rubber outfit and thigh boots, made me worship them and lick her boot and heel! She also nearly suffocated me with her giant boobs, pushing them deep into my mouth, so I could hardly breathe! Not satisfied with that, she fucked my pussy with a dildo and I was so worked up by then I couldn't wait to climax! The least I could do then was to bring my powerful sexy dominatrix to an orgasm too!

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Getting Wet and Wild in my hot tub

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 05/05/17

Photoset - 02/05/17

I love the feeling of wet silk stockings clinging to my legs, so I couldn't miss this opportunity of really enjoying myself in my hotel hot tub! I put on my sexy cream stockings and suspenders and got in my hot tub, the bubbles caressing my skin and making me really horny! I started rubbing my boobs, sliding my fingers down to my pussy and soon got to the point where I couldn't contain myself any longer! I fucked myself hard with my big fleshy dildo and watched the water drip off my stockinged toes!

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Cum and be my slave in my dungeon

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 28/04/17

Photoset - 25/04/17

Do you want to be a slave to your mistress Lana? Obey all my demands and you will be rewarded when being a good little boy! I enjoy playing with my pussy, and I will do it right in front of your face so you can almost feel my pussy! Then you can watch my pussy juices ooze as I fuck my pussy hard with my massive black cock! It's the biggest dildo I have, and I really enjoy playing with it, so come closer and watch me cum hard slave boy!

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A three girl lesbian sex toy party

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 21/04/17

Photoset - 18/04/17

I love dressing up in sexy uniforms, fully fashioned stockings and very high stilettos, so I used Frankie's birthday as an excuse to get them on! Besides, I decided to treat her and have some fun for myself too, so I organised a sex toys party and invited Lucy Zara too, who brought lots of toys she was selling! Needless to say, we couldn't wait to try them all out and soon persuaded Lucy to join in the fun too! It turned into a big lesbian orgy, as we fucked each other with our new dildos and moaned in complete ecstasy.....

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Sex session with my hunky slave

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 14/04/17

Photoset - 11/04/17

I've got a taste for domination, so there is no stopping me right now! Dressed in latex, silky stockings and 6 inch stilettos, I come into my cell to see my masked slave! I need his tongue and lips, so I take the mask off and order him to lick my shoes and stockings, enjoying the wetness of his tongue! Feeling horny now, I order him to serve me his cock, and I get it all in my mouth, getting it rock hard in an instant! I can't wait to feel it deep inside me, so I tell him to fuck me from behind, taking all his 9 inches inside my horny wet pussy! I get him to serve me for a long time, fucking me nice and hard until I cum, and wanting to see his cum, I order him to cum all over my sexy silky stockings!

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Cum and play with the sexy gangster

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 07/04/17

Photoset - 04/04/17

I've a passion for dressing up, so this time I'm dressed up as a sexy gangster just for you! Silky stockings, hat, heels and a pencil skirt to make your mouth water! I'll let you slide so close to my pussy that you can almost taste it, and then watch me fuck it with my silver dildo, encouraging you all the time to wank your cock for me or else! Mmm, how I love our little sex sessions together!

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Surprised by a hot and horny mystery girl

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 31/03/17

Photoset - 28/03/17

I was fast asleep when I was woken up by a gloved hand, covering my mouth! A masked figure was in front of me in a faint early morning light, and I was a bit scared!...Then the mystery figure motioned for me to put my stockings on and I obeyed, I could feel a leather gloved hand running up and down my body, caressing me and I got strangely aroused! To my surprise, the intruder whipped the mask off and I saw a pretty blonde woman in front of me! She had come into my house to take advantage of me! Then I could feel her gloved fingers probing deep into my pussy, and then she produced a big fleshy dildo and fucked me with it! She pushed it all the way in up to the balls, and I couldn't resist it anymore and came, with my juices dripping onto the sheets!! But was this mystery girl real after all?

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Lesbian office action with office girl Frankie

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 24/03/17

Photoset - 21/03/17

I thought I would take advantage of my gorgeous office girl Frankie, as her lesbian lover Lucy was away on holiday! So I called her into the office to see if I could help her, and she revealed how horny she was and that she really wanted to taste my pussy! We took turns pleasuring each other with our tongues and toys, then Frankie said she had a real fetish for pee, so I then let her pee all over my sheer nylon stockings! I was so turned on now, that I wasn't going to let her leave my office until I had her mouth back round my pussy, and making me cum!

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Office fuck machine fun

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 17/03/17

Photoset - 14/03/17

I'm so obsessed with my fucking machine that I even brought it to my office to have fun with, when I had to be in my office during the holidays! After I'd done with my meetings, still in my black suit, high heels and fully fashioned stockings, I got my fucking machine out of it's hiding spot and bent over the desk, and let it fuck my tight wet pussy! With no one to hear my moans, I lay back on my desk, letting the big cock pound my pussy bringing me to a shuddering orgasm!

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Pantyhose heaven with big black dildo buzzing inside my sheer nylons

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 10/03/17

Photoset - 07/03/17

I'm still popping in to work on my holidays to keep an eye on things, and I was reading my emails in the office when I noticed a mistery one! It said that I've had a present left for me in a draw of my desk, so I had to have a look in there and found a big black shiny vibrator! I took it out of the packaging and slid it inside my sheer tan pantyhose, turning up the volume, I slid it deep inside my pussy! Then I pulled the waistband of my pantyhose right up, so I could shove the dildo in and out! Ohh, it felt so good, soon I was on my desk enjoying my new big shiny vibrating cock inside my wet pussy!

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Fucking my pussy with long high heeled shoe

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 03/03/17

Photoset - 28/02/17

I was feeling especially kinky and so decided to dress up in one of my favourite outfits, a gurdle with black fully fashioned stockings and high heeled stilettos! I flipped one shoe off my foot and dangled it in front of your face, before taking it off and sucking the velvety suede heel in my mouth! I could see your excitement when I rubbed the metal tip against my clit, making me so so wet, I then slid the heel inside, fucking my pussy with it! I was now really hot and horny and inserted a finger in my wet pussy as well, fucking my pussy with the heel of the shoe and my finger until a very explosive orgasm!! Mmm, I see you've enjoyed it too!

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My fuck machine fun continues...

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 24/02/17

Photoset - 21/02/17

I still can't get enough of my new toy, so my amazing fuck machine adventures continue! My pussy gets dripping wet every time I think of a big cock on the end of it, plunging deep into my vagina! I slid the veiny cock inside my pussy and turned the fuck machine on, letting it slowly slide in and out of my pussy! It was making me moan as I made it quicker fucking my pussy faster and faster, making me scream in orgasm ecstasy!!

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Fucked and humiliated caged whore

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 17/02/17

Photoset - 14/02/17

I'm being kept in a steel cage for my master's amusement as a sex slave today! He feeds his 9 inch thick cock deep into my throat, making me gag on it, slaps my ass as he bends me over and fucks me rough and hard, pulling my hair and calling me a dirty whore! My pussy hurts as he fucks me hard, taking me for his pleasure only, building up his cum before he blasts it all over my face and deep into my open mouth! I never knew a man could cum so much!

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My first ever fucking machine session

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 10/02/17

Photoset - 07/02/17

I love my sex toys and already have a large collection of them. But this time I had another surprise. I got home to discover a large bag with a fucking machine in it! Needless to say I couldn't wait to try it out, So I took off my skirt, slipped off my satin panties, lay back in the chair and turned the machine on. Starting slow, I slowly turned it up and soon it was fucking my pussy fast and hard, bringing me to a very powerful orgasm!

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Lana's sexy shoe tease

HD Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 03/02/17

Photoset - 31/01/17

It's time to give you a special high heel foot tease, i'm dressed as a sexy maid in lingerie, silky smooth stockings and shiny white tall stilettos. Cum and enjoy me clicking my heels, shoe dipping, dangling and just generally driving you mad with my long stockinged legs and naughty stiletto shoes on!

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Smoking on slaves cock before cumshot

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 27/01/17

Photoset - 24/01/17

I love to use my slave, especially when I'm smoking! I get him to kneel naked in front of me, lighting up my cigarette and holding my ashtray! I enjoy blowing smoke into his face and especially his cock, running my tongue on the tip of it! I get him to worship my legs and feet covered with my sheer wolford tights and later order him to put his face inside my tights to lick my pussy! Not satisfied with that, I get him to thrust his now rock hard cock inside my tights, pushing it against my bare ass! This sweet torture continues until I order him to cum right inside my tights, and he jets his cum all over my tights and in between my pussy lips! Then I rub his hot cum through my tights into my pussy making myself cum!

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Kept in a cage for your amusement

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 20/01/17

Photoset - 17/01/17

I'm being kept in a cage for your amusement, dressed in high boots, stockings, corset and black leather gloves inside a steel cage! I know how to please my master, so I beg you to let me out of the cage to show you what I can do! I'll play with my pussy and get really turned on, then I will fuck myself with the biggest cock I have, sliding it deep inside my pussy right to the very end! Then after your pleasure is satisfied, I will return back to my cage until you come back again for more!

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Seducing my brother's hunky friend

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 13/01/17

Photoset - 10/01/17

I love having sex with younger men, so when my brother's friend turned up to see him, I went on to seduce him! While my brother was getting ready upstairs I had my stockinged feet wrapped around his cock, making it nice and hard, then swallowing it in my mouth before feeling his stiff cock inside my wet pussy! I really enjoyed fucking him and allowed him to cum all over my stockinged legs, before my brother could walk in and catch us in action!

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Let me entertain you

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 06/01/17

Photoset - 03/01/17

I'm giving you a night of the old fashioned glamour, dressed in a gurdle, fully fashioned stockings, 6 inch stilettos and a pair of sexy long gloves! Watch as I slowly tease you with my nyloned legs, inviting you to have a nice leasurely wank, while watching me play for you with the biggest dildo in my collection! I will fuck my pussy slow and fast with it and then watch my pussy juices drip down my legs, encouraging you to have a powerful orgasm with me!

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Used for rough sex by a masked intruder

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 30/12/16

Photoset - 27/12/16

I was getting ready for bed when a masked intruder pounced on me, I woke up in a red dungeon chained to a big bed! A guy in a mask had a video camera on and told me that he was going to use me for sex, and film himself doing it to me! He got me to swallow his massive cock making me choke on it, I could hardly breathe! He was hard now and roughly shoved three fingers inside my pussy, before getting his cock in there and fucking me hard for his pleasure! I have never been subjected to such rough and brutal sex before and I loved it all! What a great pre New Year treat! Have a Happy New Year everyone!! Lana xxx

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A Christmas dildo treat

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 23/12/16

Photoset - 20/12/16

I'm all ready for Christmas and waiting for my girlfriend to come back from her work's Christmas party! So I decided to have a little play and warm up before our hot lesbian sex session on her return! I put on her favourite sheer black basque with my fully fashioned stockings and extremely high heeled mules on! Then I got my shiny silver vibrator out and slid it in my wet cunt, fucking it hard and enjoying the amazing sensation! I was so horny now, my pussy juices were dripping off the dildo and I couldn't hold off any longer, and had a shaddering orgasm by the Christmas tree! Merry Christmas everyone! Love and kisses, Lana xxx

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Riding my crop and dildo at the same time

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 16/12/16

Photoset - 13/12/16

I enjoy riding and wearing my lovely elegant waistcoat, jacket, jodhpurs and my riding boots! I get home all excited after a good ride, pleasantly tired and just a little bit horny! So I laid down on my bed and enjoyed playing with my riding crop and flicking it on my swollen clit! It had me so turned on, that I had to insert it deep into my pussy and fuck it hard! It really got me going and, not satisfied just with the crop, I slide my big thick dildo into my wet pussy at the same time, and enjoyed the double penetration! Wow, that was a great end to the afternoon!

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Cum into my office for my nylon tease, dirty talk and serious pussy fucking

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 09/12/16

Photoset - 06/12/16

As you already know I am a very big tease and I get off on turning you on! So come on get up close and personal with me and watch me tease you with my long stockinged legs! I will dangle my stiletto shoe for you, open my wet pussy nice and wide for your eyes only, before fucking it with a big fat cock! And I will be pretending it to be your cock inside my wet pussy too! Mmm, I can see that buldge already growing inside your trousers!

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My business partner turns into a sex beast

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 02/12/16

Photoset - 29/11/16

I was late for a meeting and was completely unprepared, and because I'm so used to manipulating men that I thought nothing of it! My business partner was not impressed and to my surprise, decided to teach me a lesson! He pulled me down to my knees and rammed his 9 inch cock into my mouth, nearly gagging me with it! He was holding my head, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my throat until I had tears in my eyes! He pulled my panties down and pinned my head down against the table, he then shoved his thick cock into my pussy making me gasp! The sex was fast and rough, he took advantage of me in different positions cumming all over my ass and pussy! Then he left me with his cum dripping into my cunt and down on the floor...

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Mexico, Sun, Sea and Sex

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 25/11/16

Photoset - 22/11/16

I enjoy my summer holidays abroad as I get plenty of sun, sea, sand and of course sex! I pick my locations and hotels very carefully, and make sure I enjoy every moment of them! So come and join me on my amazing holiday in Cancun Mexico, and hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I did!

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Riding my big mean machine

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 18/11/16

Photoset - 15/11/16

I love riding things big and fast and that also applies to motorbikes too! The thrill of high speed and a vibrating seat between my legs just adds to the enjoyment for me! So watch me ride a big black cock on the seat of this big powerful beast, bouncing on it and bringing myself to a very big and powerful orgasm!

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DP toying in extreme heels and stockings

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 11/11/16

Photoset - 08/11/16

I'm being a whore for you today, I know what you like and I'm very eager to please! I'm wearing a tux jacket, gurdle, extreme patent leather heels and some fully fashioned nylon stockings! I'm such a tease and wilI use every weapon I have to drive you mad with lust and excitement! So cum and play with me and watch me fuck my pussy and my ass at the same time for your extreme pleasure!

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Pink pussy on a pink chair

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 04/11/16

Photoset - 01/11/16

I've just bought a lovely bright pink inflatable sofa to fuck on, and couldn't wait to try it out! So I ripped my fishnet pantyhose off and plunged two fingers deep inside myself, getting ready for a big fleshy cock toy! And soon, with my feet high in the air and my high heeled mules dangling, I bring myself to a powerful orgasm, fucking my wet and dripping pussy with that big thick cock!

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Fetish heels and a big black cock

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 28/10/16

Photoset - 25/10/16

I've just received the biggest fetish high heel shoes from an admirer and I couldn't wait to wear them! So come and join me in my white room for a spot of fun. I'm wearing a black corset, gurdle, blue stockings and the highest heels you'll ever see! Watch as I fuck my pussy with the biggest black cock I've got for your kinky pleasure! Ummm!!

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My dirty lesbian threesome sex in the office

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 21/10/16

Photoset - 18/10/16

I caught my two assistants having wild sex in my office and got so turned on watching them, that I decided to get in on the action! My business suit came off pretty quickly with the help of my two employees, only leaving the gurdle, stockings and heels on! Then soon tongues were licking, fingers probing and dildos fucking!

update thumbnail

A saucy frenchmaid just for you

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 07/10/16

Photoset - 04/10/16

Take a peak in my bathroom and watch me play a sexy frenchmaid just for you! I'm dressed in a shiny PVC uniform, frilly panties and white silk stockings with 6 inch stilettos! I hope it makes your mouth water, as you watch me straddle the big fleshy cock all the way to the balls, calling you to get so close to my pussy! Then you can watch my cum run down that huge cock!

update thumbnail

Slave spanking, paddles & sexually pleasuring my mistress

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 30/09/16

Photoset - 27/09/16

I love my role as a dom, but I've never experienced "the other side" of being a submissive slave before! So I'm dressed in latex, my mouth gagged with a rubber ball, chained to the metal bed and awaiting my mistress! She is tough and calls me her little slut, she punishes me by spanking my naked ass first with her hand and later with a paddle, leaving my bottom very pink and tingling! She wastes no time in ordering me to service her pussy too, and I'm trying very hard to please her! Licking shoes, stockings, pussy and fucking seems to be never ending, but oh boy, did I enjoy every minute of it!!

update thumbnail

Fucking my dildo in my office

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 23/09/16

Photoset - 20/09/16

I love playing with myself and often do it in my office, hoping I won't get caught with my panties down! It was a hot and sticky sunny day and I was in the mood for playing! I couldn't wait to slip my pencil skirt off and sprawl on my desk and fuck myself with my silver vibrator toy! My shoes were dangling off my feet as I slipped into complete ecstasy in the office!.....

update thumbnail

My three girl dom session

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 16/09/16

Photoset - 13/09/16

I love my dom sessions, so I've invited an experienced dom to join me in playing with my new slave. She was tied up to the bedrest and looked so lost as we roamed our hands all over her body, feeling every bit of her soft body. We made her lick us out too, watching her licking our wet pussies in turn and fucked her with a big dildo, before ordering the little slave to please her mistresses too!

update thumbnail

Using and abusing my sex toy hunk to make me cum

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 09/09/16

Photoset - 06/09/16

I love using hunky men as my sex toys, so I chained this lucky slave to my bed and decided to use him for my pleasure! I smoked a cigarette and checked the restraints, blowing smoke onto his helpless cock! I then pushed my big breasts into his mouth, making him suck on my nipples hungrily then lick my 6 inch stiletto heel and smothered him with my feet! I played with his cock, watching it stiffen under my fingers and throb in my mouth as I sucked on it hard and fast! I left it just as I thought he was about to cum, denying him the pleasure! Instead, I climbed on top of him, sitting on his face and riding him until he made me cum with his tongue! Now I was satisfied, I zipped up my catsuit and left him alone and horny, still chained to the bed!

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Fresh fruit and cream in bed then toying with my hot Indian Maid

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 02/09/16

Photoset - 30/08/16

I love my breakfast in bed, especially served by my hot Indian maid! So, as she put down the tray full of fruit and fresh cream, she dipped a strawberry in it and brought it to my lips! I do enjoy my grapes being fed to me straight from her mouth, so I can taste her juicy lips! I decided to give her a taste as well, and fed her the grapes with cream straight from my toes! It was making both of us so horny and soon we had our toes deep into each others pussies, bringing ourselves to shuddering orgasms! My other treat to her was a glass dildo that I had bought earlier, it was similar to one I had for myself, and we couldn't wait to play with them! It was such a turn on watching each other fuck our pussies with the glass dildos!

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Amazing dream bound and taking masked guys cum in my mouth

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 26/08/16

Photoset - 23/08/16

I had the most disturbing dream last night ever! I dreamt that I was reading a magazine when a hand came across my mouth, startling me! I screamed, seeing a figure in black wearing a stocking mask over his head! To my horror, I soon realised that the intruder wasn't after my money, he wanted me! He quickly bound my wrists with rope and kneeled in front of me, smelling my feet, caressing my legs and as soon as he realised I was wearing sheer pantyhose, he ordered me to sit on his face! He later pulled my pantyhose down, licking and fingering my wet pussy with excitement untill I've cum! He then bound my ankles, so I couldn't move, and he got his cock out and rammed it down my throat! I was enjoying feeling powerless for a change, so I sucked his big cock until he exploaded his load straight into my mouth, ordering me to catch every drop of it!
I woke up startled, realising I was still in my bed! I really enjoyed myself in my dream and my pussy was still wet from it....

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Steamy lesbian office encounter with my new PA

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 19/08/16

Photoset - 16/08/16

I had such a backlog of work to catch up with that I had to hire a PA to help me with it! But during the brief, I noticed she wasn't paying much attention, and she actually admitted that she had got distracted by my 6inch stilletos and fully fashioned stockings! So I let her feel how soft and silky they were, and I started to get aroused by her touching them! Before we knew it, I had undone her satin blouse and began to suck on her sweet nipples! Then she went straight down to my pussy, licking and fingering me until I had a shuddering orgasm! Mmm, then watch me make her cum and moan in ecstasy!

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Wanking my naughty cleaner's big cock with my stocking

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 12/08/16

Photoset - 09/08/16

Today I caught my cleaner sniffing my satin panties and wanking his cock with them! I got very angry with him at first, but then decided to indulge his little fetish! I love wearing satin and know how nice it feels on the skin. So I slowly stripped off my satin blouse and skirt, leaving my black satin slip and tiny satin panties on, and of course, my sheer black fully fashioned stockings! I teased his cock with my satin panties and rubbed it against my black satin slip. His warm tongue felt so good inside my pussy, it made me cum quickly! So, knowing his passion for stockings too, I hooded his cock with my stocking and wanked and sucked his big cock, finally making him cum and then watching all his cum seeping through it! His juicy cum had completely saturated the stocking, and I then put it back on, smelling his cum on it for the rest of the day!

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Climaxing online with my submissive cyber slave

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 05/08/16

Photoset - 02/08/16

I went online to teach my cyber slave another lesson, as he loves being dominated by me, so kept coming back for more! This time I put on my red pvc dress, sheer red pantyhose and 6 inch red stilettos! Then I ordered him to strip naked before the session and get down on his knees, so he could worship my sexy stilettos and legs! I put my little feet right to the camera, and saw his cock stiffen! I kept teasing him, flaunting my body right in his face and ordering him not to cum! I got my glass dildo out that I had bought especially for this session, and slid it deep into my wet pussy! I knew he loved watching me fuck myself with a dildo, and so enjoyed watching him suffer as he desperately tried not to cum! Finally as I was reaching my orgasm, I ordered him to cum too, so that we both climaxed at the same time!

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My orgasmic Indian Foot massage

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 29/07/16

Photoset - 26/07/16

I had booked a home visit from an Indian foot specialist, and the word was that she was the best in her field! Shari Mara was a bit nervous and shy, and as I found out later, was still a virgin! She started things off by removing my high heels and stockings, placed my feet in a bowl and gently massaged them with some exotic oils! Her delicate little fingers and soft gentle voice had me aroused especially so, when she mentioned that she offers a special oral massage to certain clients! She then took my foot to her mouth, caressing and licking each toe and sucking on them with her soft mouth! It felt so good, I offered to share the experience with her and soon it was me tasting her feet, moving them down to my hungry pussy and pushing her toe all the way in to make me cum! It was a wonderful experience and I couldn't wait to repeat it again, so I made a new appointment straight away! I can't wait to sample the delights of Shari Mara once again!

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Tasting my Gardeners cum before my husband arrived home

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 22/07/16

Photoset - 19/07/16

Whilst waiting for my husband to get back from his business trip, my gardener brought me in some freshly cut flowers! Not wanting to waste this naughty opportunity, I grabbed his crotch, blindfolded him and straddled him on a chair! I then started to kiss him, pushing my tongue deep into his mouth, then feeding him my erect nipples as he sucked on them hungrily! I got him down on the floor, rubbing his crotch with my 6 inch stiletto, as he was licking my other shoe! I then slipped them off, playing with his cock with my nylon feet! I couldn't wait to taste his cock, and soon I had it deep in my mouth! My husband was due back any moment now so I had to get him to finish off, and so I got him to jet his cum into my shoe! After he filled it up, I drank all his hot cum straight from my shoe, just before my husband arrived!

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Getting my naughty red lips around my cleaner's big cock

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 15/07/16

Photoset - 12/07/16

I was on my was home from a function when I decided to stop at my cleaner's house to pay him a visit! I found him asleep in his bed, he looked so sweet half asleep, it made me quite horny! I peeled off my dress, leaving just my seemed pantyhose on and my high heeled mules and climbed into bed with him! I wasted no time getting his cock out of his underpants and getting my red lips around it! I was in the mood for some fun and soon straddled him, sucking him off as he licked the crutch of my pantyhose! It got me so excited that I slid them down, and started to play with my pussy, sliding fingers in and out and sucking his cock all the time! Feeling hungry for his cum, I ordered him to jet his load straight into my mouth! Mmm, it tasted so clean and sweet!

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My naughty peep show orgasm in lingerie boutique dressing room

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 08/07/16

Photoset - 05/07/16

I had a day out shopping in my favourite lingerie boutique, as I had a pretty outfit but no stockings to match. I found a perfect pair in the shop so couldn't wait to try them on! But as soon as I took my clothes off, I noticed the young shop assistant guy was spying on me through the gap! So I thought, why not, I'll give him a better look and invited him inside the dressing room! I got quite horny with him watching me, so I opened my pink pussy lips, so he could see me from any angle of the mirrored room! I slid two fingers inside my pussy, encouraging him to come closer as I was thrusting my wet fingers in and out, until I exploaded into a shaddering orgasm for him!

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Cum orgasm with me in my new fetish dungeon

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 01/07/16

Photoset - 28/06/16

I've just built a new dungeon in my cellar and decided to try it out on myself first, before I bring my naughty slaves in to have some fun with! It's quite dark and moody, so I felt like dressing up like a gangster smoking a big fat cigar, and then fantasizing about what I will do to my slaves here, and how I'll make them worship my sexy body! As I was then sucking on my big fat cigar, imagining it was a nice big cock between my lips, I started to get horny and soon I was sliding my finger deep into my pussy and bringing myself to a shattering orgasm! Cum quickly and join me in my new fetish dungeon!

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My pantieless encounter with stranger while car is broken down

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 24/06/16

Photoset - 21/06/16

I was on my way to a party when my car broke down in the middle of the woods! Luckily for me, I saw a young man and asked him for some help! I pumped the pedal a lot, showing him that it wouldn't start, and I noticed him ogling my long legs and heels! I liked the look of him and flirted with him outrageously. I wasn't wearing any panties, so I swang my leg out of the car, talking to him, so he could see my naked pussy! He complimented me on my outfit, so I got out of the car, showing it off and lifting up my dress to show off my fully fashioned stockings! I sat back in my seat and played with my pussy while he was watching me all the time! It really got me going and I had a shattering orgasm! But then the phone started to ring and it was my husband looking for me!

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Playing with myself in the cool salty waters

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 17/06/16

Photoset - 14/06/16

As a cute cancerian, I love water and never miss a chance to get in, and even sometimes with my clothes on! It's so horny to feel the material of your wet shirt clinging to your tight body, so I start tickling my hard nipples and making my pussy very wet in the water! Then I couldn't resist playing with myself in the cool salty waters of the sea, plunging my fingers deep into my pussy again and again and again!

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Naughty lesbian office fun with my new PA Saffy

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 10/06/16

Photoset - 07/06/16

I'd employed a new PA Saffy to work for me, and she was getting quite behind on her work, so I went to her office to see why! I found her intimately fondling herself while watching a porn film on her computer! She got very embarassed and so to punish her, I made her play with herself as I watched! I found myself very turned on while watching her, so I ordered her to lick and finger my pussy and make me cum! We had so much dirty fun together on that office desk!

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Lying on a rock fingering my hot pussy

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 03/06/16

Photoset - 31/05/16

I'd heard about an amazing waterfall in beautiful Thailand, so I packed my backpack and travelled off to see it for myself! I came across a secluded spot and decided to dip my sweaty achy feet in to a cool stream! The water was so refreshing, and made me quite horny which started to flow my juices too, and soon I was lying on a rock fingering my hot pussy in the beaming tropical sun with breathtaking views!

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Boss Jan Seduces Sexy Samantha

HD Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 27/05/16

Photoset - 24/05/16

This week we have a bonus guest set from! And during boss Jan's interview with sexy Samantha for her PA job she got very horny and wanted to play with the attractive and very intriguing candidate! Of course Jan made her dress for the part in a satin dress, sexy lingerie, gorgeous coffee coloured fully fashioned stockings and high heels! But she also wore a smart dress, RHT nylons and sexy heels! Jan then told her to undress and then she stripped Jan down to her sexy stockings, suspenders and heels! They kissed and cuddled, then played with each others now very wet pussies! Samantha was very gentle and made Jan cum stroking her hard clit and wet cunt, but it wasn't the hard fuck she really needed. But she had now got the job, so maybe next time?

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TV repairman gives me his full service

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 20/05/16

Photoset - 17/05/16

My husband was away, so I was feeling very lonely all on my own! And I couldn't stop thinking of that tv repairman! I knew he fancied me as he paid me so many compliments, so I decided to give him another call but this time to service me! I had to come clean that there was nothing wrong with my tv and flirted with him outrageously, teasing him with my stockinged feet! Soon I got what I wanted, his cock between my toes and I couldn't wait to swallow it deep into my throat, until he blasted his hot cum all over my sexy little feet!

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Dirty phone sex on holiday in Thailand

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 13/05/16

Photoset - 10/05/16

I spent a whole month on holiday in Thailand and was really enjoying myself a lot! But I was missing home and my kinky sex games with my hunky cleaner! So I decided to give him a call for some hot dirty phone sex! So we had some great dirty talk on the phone which made me nice and horny, so while he was talking I fucked my big dildo, imagining it was his big hard throbbing cock! Mmm, it really made me hot, dirty and sweaty!

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I got carried away playing with my pussy while modelling

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 06/05/16

Photoset - 03/05/16

I was so lucky to be invited back to the studio where I first met the handsome assistant, but I was so sad to hear it was his day off and he was spending it with his girlfriend! But the photographer wanted me to model some sex toys for him, and so I was only to happy to oblige! But then you know me, I can't help myself sometimes and I got carried away playing with my horny pussy! Whoops!

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Horny riding session with friend's husband

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 29/04/16

Photoset - 26/04/16

I enjoy riding and often go for a ride with my friend's husband. It's so exciting to feel the powerful animal underneath you, and that usually makes me feel very horny after the riding! So as we walked back into the stables, I started to complain about cramp in my groin and got him to massage it for me! One thing led to another and soon we were kissing passionately in the hay, tearing at each other's clothes off! He pulled down my jodhpurs and licked my hungry pussy, and soon I was on all fours sucking his stiff cock untill he exploaded his load over over my big boobs!

update thumbnail

The sales girl with Astrid & Eve

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 22/04/16

Photoset - 19/04/16

This week we have a bonus guest set from! And it was so exciting when the local hosiery sales girl came around to see Astrid and Eve! She had the finest collection of Wolford pantyhose and RHT nylons for them to try on! And they got so excited during the trying on stage, it wasn’t long before they turned their attentions to each other! Caressing and undressing one another, the girls were soon in their sexy lingerie seducing the salesgirl! If only buying hosiery was always this much girlie fun!

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Sexy shoot ends with young guy shooting his load on my pussy

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 15/04/16

Photoset - 12/04/16

I decided to have some sexy pictures taken for my husband's birthday, so I hired a studio and a photographer to do it! The shoot went really well, the photographer and his assistant were fussing over me and making me feel very sexy. Then half way through we decided to take a break and I went back to my changing room to freshen up my make up. The assistant followed me there with a cup of tea. He was a young guy and very eager to learn. So I decided to teach him a few things!... I got him to take my mules off and then put my foot on his crotch, feeling his cock stiffen under my toes! He didn't resist when I told him to get down and lick my hungry pussy, making me cum hard! I then wanted to feel his big hard cock rubbing against my pussy, and soon he was shooting his load all over my widely spread pussy and drenching it with hot cum!

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Playing with pussy in cubicle with shop assistant spying on me

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 08/04/16

Photoset - 05/04/16

I like treating myself to fancy lingerie and hoisery and often go to my favourite boutique for some new purchases. As I walked through the door, I found out that the owner was away and his assistant was left in charge. He showed me the new range and I picked some pretty red and black lingerie to try on. As there was no mirror in the changing room cubicle, I walked out to use the one in the shop. I could see he was admiring my body and I needed to buy some pantyhose, so he offered me to try some. As I was putting it on, I could see the curtain move and some heavy breathing and realized he was spying on me! The thought of it turned me on and I decided to play up to it, sliding my hand down my pantyhose and playing with my pussy while he was watching me! As I climaxed, saturating the gusset with my pussy juices, I decided to give him a treat and leave the pantyhose with him, promising to come back for them later!

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Enjoying fucking my new real cock like dildo

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 01/04/16

Photoset - 29/03/16

I have an extensive collection of sex toys, most of them are custom made for me! I was recommended to see an eccentric french artist called Marcel, and have been using him ever since. He knows my taste now and always surprises me with some great dildos that he makes for me! As he proudly produced his latest dildo, I knew that I couldn't wait to get home and try it out! It felt so real and soft to the touch, I quickly took off my white suit and my panties, just leaving my pink high heeled boots on! I put the didlo on the table and sat on it, moving up and down, enjoying the real like sensation! It felt like a real cock and I enjoyed fucking it, my pussy tingling all the while until I exploaded in a shaddering orgasm!

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Fetish burglar explodes his cum all over my feet

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 25/03/16

Photoset - 22/03/16

I was staying at my city apartment for a weekend, and was reading a magazine one evening when a noise startled me! A second later a hand went across my mouth, silencing me quickly! It was that burglar who'd been at my house before! He tied my hands and wrists together and told me to keep quiet! To my amazement, he started to tickle my feet with a feather, making me wriggle about and giggle like crazy! My soles of my feet are so sensitive, so when he proceeded to tickle my feet with a small brush, it made me giggle even more! It must have made my burglar very excited, as he got his big cock out and started to wank it with my feet, until he exploaded his cum all over the soles of my sexy feet!

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Two Girls One Lucky Guy

HD Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 18/03/16

Photoset - 15/03/16

This week we have a bonus guest set from! Hot Milf Jan and her horny girlfriend Holly were being very naughty and decided to pull some lucky guy and give him a real treat! After they stripped each other down to their stockings they both sucked his big cock, then fucked in every way possible! And it was the perfect threesome as no one was left out at any time!

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Fingering myself in front of TV repair guy

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 11/03/16

Photoset - 08/03/16

I was having a day of leisure, but found to my annoyance that my tv had stopped working! So I called up the tv repair company to send out an engineer to repair it! It turned out to be the same guy that had been before! I couldn't resist flirting with him, noticing he was glancing at my bare feet all the time! So I let my dressing gown fall open, showing him I wasn't wearing any panties! And then in no time I had him stroking and massaging my feet while I was playing with my wet pussy! And I got so off on him watching my fingers plunging deep inside my wet pussy!

update thumbnail

Horny after riding session

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 04/03/16

Photoset - 01/03/16

I enjoy horse riding in the country, it's great exercise and the feel of the saddle underneath me, pressing on my clit as I'm riding my horse makes me so horny! So, when I came back to the stables, I was hoping that the hunky stable boy would be there and was so disappointed to see that he wasn't! My pussy was dripping wet and I started to peel of my jacket, blouse and jodhpurs leaving on my riding boots, waistcoat and white leather gloves! I started off by teasing my nipples with a riding crop and then slid my gloved fingers deep into my pussy, bringing myself to an orgasm and licking my cum off my gloved fingers!

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Horny Astrid Fingering in the hot hot sun

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 19/02/16

Photoset - 16/02/16

This week we have a bonus guest set from! This is certainly a hot set in more ways than one! The sun beating down on Astrid, and the number of people out on the adjoining terraces watching her, as she fingers her horny wet pussy!

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Fingering fun in front of hunky married man

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 12/02/16

Photoset - 09/02/16

I sneaked out for a quiet cigarette during a party. To my amazement someone else had the same idea. He was a good looking man that I'd admired earlier on at the party, so I started a conversation with him! He was eager to get back to his wife, but I wanted him to stay! I teased him with my stocking tops and made it clear that I wasn't wearing any panties either! I could see I was turning him on and soon he was confessing of having erotic dreams about me even when he was fucking his wife! That got me so horny that I slid my gloved finger into my pussy, watching him loving it and begging me to put two fingers into my wet pussy! That sent me wild and I orgasmed all over my gloved fingers! We then rejoined the party separately so not to arouse suspicion from our partners!

update thumbnail

My big surprise candy shape dildo in the office

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 05/02/16

Photoset - 02/02/16

I was in my office, finishing off my work, when I noticed a package that had been left there for me! I was surprised to see that it was a giant candy in a shape of a dildo and I couldn't wait to taste it! Mmm, it was so sweet and so big, I could hardly fit the giant cock into my mouth! As I was sucking on it, my pussy got so wet, so I reached for my glass dildo and inserted it deep inside my tight wet pussy! The thought about having two cocks made me so horny, my pussy juices dribbled onto my ass, making it wet and shiny! I couldn't wait to finger my ass while I was fucking my pussy to make my orgasm even more intense! Mmm, it was so nice to have all my holes filled!!

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I'm a naughty French Maid ready for my duties

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 29/01/16

Photoset - 26/01/16

I was feeling horny, as so decided to give my cleaner a special treat, and dressed up as a naughty french maid! My cleaner had some special cleaning in mind, so he went straight for my 6 inch stiletto mules and started licking them, slipping one off and sucking on my stockinged feet at the same time! Not satisfied with that, he went down on the floor and got his face between my thighs, licking my pussy until I cum! Now it was my turn to do some cleaning and soon I had his cock deep in my mouth, sucking on it and cleaning it with my tongue! He peeled my stocking off and put it over his throbbing cock and I wanked it and sucked it, tasting his precum through the stocking, until he exploded his cum dripping through the stocking into my mouth!

update thumbnail

Wet and wild with cum in my mouth

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 22/01/16

Photoset - 19/01/16

I've always fantasized about getting wet and wild with a guy! The water running down my body, getting my clothes wet so my dress and stockings cling to my body, makes me horny! As he was trailing his tongue down my breasts to my pussy, peeling the wet panties off and getting his tongue and fingers right inside my hungry pussy, making me cum! I knew he was crazy about my feet, so I watched him take off my wet stocking and lick and suck my crinkled wet foot. I then watched his cock grow as he sucked my toes and soon I got his throbbing cock deep in my mouth, making him cum all over my face and into my mouth!

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Enjoying my big dildo in bed

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 15/01/16

Photoset - 12/01/16

It's my day off today and I love nothing better then lazing in bed all on my own! I then like to start pleasuring myself with a big vibrator toy and work up to the best orgasm ever! Mmm, how I do love cumming on my day off!

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Oh how much I love playing footsy with your cock

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 08/01/16

Photoset - 05/01/16

It's evening and I'm in a playful mood, waiting for my partner to come home. I love to play footsy games with his cock, so I tease him with my feet, becon him over to suck his cock and get him hard straight away, and give him the best footwank I can! And judging by the amount of his cum, it was a good one!

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It's so quiet at work just before New Year, so it's time to play

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 01/01/16

Photoset - 29/12/15

It's coming up to New Year time and the offices are very quiet, most people have taken time off work to have some fun! So I like to use this time to be very naughty, so I get my big fleshy cock out to enjoy! So I start by sliding it in and out of my tight pussy, before taking it deeper and deeper then building up to a shaddering orgasm! Mmm, what a great way to enjoy the start of the New Year celebrations!

update thumbnail

Merry Christmas from Leggy Lana

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 25/12/15

Photoset - 22/12/15

I really enjoy Christmas and still look forward to all the presents I get! I can't wait to open them all and discover if anyone has sent me anything naughty this year! I love naughty Christmas presents and this year is no exception, as I find a new silver vibrator amongst my sexy gifts! I don't waste any time in pleasuring myself with it, the silver cock gliding deep inside my tight pussy filling me with extreme pleasures! Oh, how I do love Christmas!

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My sheer tights make me so horny

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 18/12/15

Photoset - 15/12/15

I love my nude sheer nylon tights, and it has been a while since I last wore them for you guys! So with Christmas time approaching I thought it was time to give you a treat! So cum and watch me play in my sheer pantyhose and enjoy a huge pink dildo!

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Having fun in my bedroom

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 11/12/15

Photoset - 08/12/15

It's my day off today and I enjoy nothing better then pleasuring myself in my big bed all on my own! Actually I'm not alone as I have my special friend to keep me company, my big pink vibrator! Watch as my sexy pink vibrator knows exactly what to do to please me, and brings me to yet another powerful orgasm! Mmmm, how I enjoy my special days off!

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The secret of a good blowjob

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 04/12/15

Photoset - 01/12/15

I would like a share my secrets of giving the best blowjob with you, and today I have a nice cock like dildo to demonstrate it on! Then I will get my hunky cameraman to give me the real thing, so why don't you cum and enjoy the show!

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Check out instant performer hardon cream, the best sex I ever had

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 27/11/15

Photoset - 24/11/15

I would love for sex to last longer and the cock I fuck to be harder! So when a girlfriend told me about this new cream she's discovered called instant performer, I was so excited and talked my partner into trying it out to see for myself what it was like! And I've got to say, I was definitely not disappointed, and neither will you be!

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No gimmicks, just sexy feet action

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 20/11/15

Photoset - 17/11/15

I get so many requests for some simple sexy footplay, that I just couldn't ignore them! So come on foot lovers, cum and watch me slip my feet into these high heeled mules, click those stiletto heels, dip the foot in and out of the shoe, dangle and tease you with those sexy little feet with the incredible high arches and little red toes! So I hope you really enjoy this very sexy foot action!

update thumbnail

Mmm, I love my huge dildo truncheon

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 13/11/15

Photoset - 10/11/15

I've always had a passion for sex toys and I certainly have my favourites to play with when I'm feeling horny! One of the best toys is my huge truncheon shaped like a massive dildo! Its so huge that it takes my breath away when I slide it into my tight pussy, but its also so pleasurable to play with! Mmm, I do love a good deep orgasm with my huge truncheon!

update thumbnail

Cold weather's coming, so more playing to keep me warm

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 30/10/15

Photoset - 27/10/15

Yes winter is here and I've got my new coat on to keep warm, but I still can't help but wear my sexy nylon stockings! I just want to stay sexy even in these cold winter months and look great with my stilettos heels on! And I can always use my trusty vibrator toy to keep me warm in these cold winter nights!

update thumbnail

Horny after a posh dinner do

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 23/10/15

Photoset - 20/10/15

I'd just got back from a dinner party and I was so horny! I wore a sexy evening dress with my 12 clip suspender belt, my black nylon stockings without any knickers! I was flashing my bare thighs and gave glimpses of my sweet pussy to a guy on my left, and I could see he was so turned on! When I got back home I couldn't wait to play with my pussy with my vibrator toy, as I always carry it with me in my tiny handbag, and my orgasm was so amazing and satisfying!

update thumbnail

My new cock sculpture is perfect for foot wanking

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 16/10/15

Photoset - 13/10/15

I love sex toy shopping, and so on my last trip out I bought a very realistic cock sculpture! It was so big and real, that it was going to be the talk of my next girlfriend's gathering! The cock was so realistic, so I decided to practice my foot wanking technique and it certainly satisfied me in more ways then one!

update thumbnail

I caught a burglar and now I'm teaching him a sexy lesson

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 09/10/15

Photoset - 06/10/15

I'd had my door fixed since my last intrusion, but it didn't put off the burglar, who broke into my house again! I had just gone off to bed when I heard noises from downstairs and went to investigate! I caught him red-handed and decided to teach him a lesson, as he's got such a big nylon fetish! So I stuffed my toes into his mouth, telling him to smell and taste them and, taking off my stocking, wrapped it around his cock for a juicy blowjob!

update thumbnail

Riding in the country makes me so horny

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 02/10/15

Photoset - 29/09/15

I love riding and now that summer's gone, I try to do more and more of it! But every time I get in the saddle, I feel very horny and end up playing with my big fleshy toy after in the barn! It feels so so good fucking my hungry wet pussy until I cum, after a good ride!

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My escort fantasy with a foot fetish diva at my disposal

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 25/09/15

Photoset - 22/09/15

I'm so obsessed with men playing with my feet that I even started doing foot fetish sessions on request! So recently I had a call requesting such a session and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! It wasn't only the fact that each one of my toes got sucked, licked and smelled, but I loved rubbing the soft skin of his cock between my feet, with my arches gripping firmly on his thick shaft! And the reward was lots and lots of thick cum covering my feet and dripping off my toes!

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Testing new fuck machine as part of sex therapy at hospital

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 18/09/15

Photoset - 15/09/15

I enjoy my part time involvement with the local hospital, my sexual rehabilitation program seems to be working a treat! We've just had a new fucking machine delivered as a part of a therapy session, so I decided to be the first to try it out in my sexy nurses outfit! Just watch me ride the big cock, with its big thick shaft plunging deep into my horny wet pussy!

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My new big truncheon dildo

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 04/09/15

Photoset - 01/09/15

I enjoy my dildo toys so I decided to get ready for bed early and have a play with my brand new toy! It was a big truncheon, so big that I could hardly fit it inside my mouth! I rubbed it along my clit, making my pussy wet and I just couldn't wait to slide it all in! I felt the thickness of the cock inside my wet pussy, it was a such a great experience to be fucked by this massive toy, and it wasn't long before I exploaded into a very powerful orgasm!

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I get horny seducing an electrician on the job

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 28/08/15

Photoset - 25/08/15

I'd noticed my office phone had died and I was just about to call for a service engineer, when an electrician walked in asking to inspect the line! He climbed under my desk, inspected the connection and looked at my sexy legs and then up my skirt! I did some shoe dangling right in front of his face, and not wasting any time, brushed my hand across his bulging crotch! Getting his big cock out, I sucked on it hard then as he took off my stocking, I wrapped it over his cock for a nylon handwank! I filled the nylon stocking with his hot cum and slipped it into my mouth! Mmmmm....

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Playing with crystal cock dildo in my wedding dress

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 21/08/15

Photoset - 18/08/15

I was at a good costume party but my feet were aching, so I found an empty room to chill for a while on my own. Looking around I found a crystal cock dildo hidden under a bolster cushion. It looked familiar and I knew that my girlfriend Abi had played with it before! So I couldn't resist lying down on the chase lounge and sliding the cool glass dildo into my tight pussy, bringing myself to a very powerful orgasm!

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A faulty fuck machine results in a horny sex session with engineer

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 14/08/15

Photoset - 11/08/15

I thought my fucking machine was making strange clonking sounds, so I called in an engineer to inspect it. He asked me to show him how I was using it, so soon he was watching closely my demonstration of the big cock dipping into my tight pussy! His cock was growing hard and it was difficult for me to resist it, so I went for his fly, unzippng it and swallowing it as the other cock was still pounding my horny wet pussy!

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Horny in my sheer tights

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 07/08/15

Photoset - 04/08/15

I was waiting for my date to arrive, wearing my lovely sheer tights and stiletto heels. I'd opened my humidor to check if I had any cigars left, and to my surprise, I found a large pink vibrator in it! I got turned on looking at it, and soon I was playing with my pussy through my sheer tights, and had to peel them down to slide the vibrator into my wet pussy! What a lovely way to warm up to the proper session!

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Its my turn to play a slave, and I'm so excited

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 31/07/15

Photoset - 28/07/15

I'm usually the dominant one, bossing about my lovers and collegues at work! But sometimes I enjoy giving up that power and submitting to my kinky Master! It's so exciting being fed a big cock in my mouth, making it grow and stiffen until it fucks my tight submissive pussy! Then I enjoy wave after wave of excitement washing all over me!

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Let me tease you with my stockinged feet and hot pussy

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 24/07/15

Photoset - 21/07/15

I'm inviting you into my bedroom for a special foot tease show! I'm so horny right now and it makes it even hornier for me to know that you are sitting inches away from me! You can watch me dangle my shoe, tease you with my fully fashioned nylon feet and then fuck my hot wet pussy with a vibrator, just inches away from your face! Mmm, what a turn on!

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Playing sex games with my slave

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 17/07/15

Photoset - 14/07/15

I love playing sex games in my dungeon, getting my slave hooded, tied to the bed and watching me tease him playing with my pussy with a very long pink dildo! And I like to do it right in front of his face, then I love watching his cock stiffen, wanking it slowly before putting it in my mouth to taste it! Mmm, it was a shame not to ride such a big hard cock, so I soon climbed on top, riding it hard until I've cum all over it!

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Playing with my butt plug

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 10/07/15

Photoset - 07/07/15

I love getting in the mood and playing with my sex toys, but I do get bored very quickly! So I decided to play with my wet pussy and also with my tight ass as well! Then my naughty butt plug came out and it fiited so nice and snug inside my tight ass, giving me endless amounts of pleasure on the sofa!

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Tantra massage time with me

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 03/07/15

I have been practicing Tantra for a few years now and quite a few of you are curious of what it's all about! So I've made a small clip of tantric massage session just for you! Tantric massage is a true full body massage including genitalia, designed on building waves of pleasure for a continuous period of time building up slowly to ejaculation! Tantra is all about the process, rather then end result! So enjoy...

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Horny pornstars Lana and Abi playing out their royal wedding

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 26/06/15

Photoset - 23/06/15

Summer is here, love is in the air and me and gorgeous blonde Abi are playing the hot brides! We're all dressed in white wedding dresses, silk white stockings and suspenders, and very high white stilettos! I decide to give Abi a special present, a beautiful diamond ring that I have put inside a sheer stocking, and hiden it deep inside my pussy, so that Abi could try and find it! That lead to kissing, licking wet pussy, sucking, fingering and moaning in deep orgasms! Mmm, the perfect start to a white wedding!

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A builder comes to repair my door and ends up getting a footjob

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 19/06/15

Photoset - 16/06/15

I'd come home to realise that someone had been trying to break into my house! So I called a local company to send someone round to repair the damage, and make it secure. But it seemed that the builder was more interested in my shoes and feet then the job at hand! Before he knew it, he was on the receiving end of it, my feet firmly around his cock, massaging it until he shot his load all over my bare feet!

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I'm ordering new silky pantyhose online and just can't resist a play in them

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 12/06/15

Photoset - 09/06/15

I love wearing good quality pantyhose or tights, as we call them here in England. Silky soft and very sheer, so you can see all the toes through, and of course see through crotch area! I love looking up a girl's skirt seeing the outline of her lips through the tights, and how horny it makes me! I started stroking my pussy through it, sliding my hand inside, and teasing the waistband down! Then I reach for my vibrator toy to make it so much more exciting! Mmm, the orgasm I had was so sweet!

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My slave foot worship reward, a blowjob and stockinged wank

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 05/06/15

Photoset - 02/06/15

I enjoy my domme sessions in my dungeon, and if my slave satisfies me with good shoe and foot worship, with some foot licking and toe sucking, then he is up for a reward! I tested his will power by sucking his big cock, teasing it and ordering him not to cum! Knowing about his nylon fetish, I allowed him to slip off my silk stocking and wrap it all over his cock, then I let him wank until his cum went all over them!

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My new 11 inch dildo

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 29/05/15

Photoset - 26/05/15

I was in the mood to play today, so I wanted no distractions whilst I was entertaining, and the show was for your eyes only! I'd just bought a massive 11 inch dildo, so I couldn't wait to try it out! I started teasing you, dangling my stiletto mules, and then ordering you to kiss and lick my stockinged clad legs, before turning my attention to that massive 11 inch cock! It filled me up so deep that it wasn't long before my shaddering orgasm came!

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My sexy new carpet

HD Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 22/05/15

Photoset - 19/05/15

I'd just arrived home to discover that my new carpet had been laid while I had been out! So I couldn't wait to kick off my shoes and walk on it barefooted, enjoying the soft spongy feel of it! I ran my feet up and down slowly, sinking my toes deep into the pile of the carpet and enjoying the fabulous sensation! I then sat down on it and ran my hands all over it, and enjoyed the new soft feeling of the carpet against my bare pussy! Now getting more and more excited, I just couldn't wait to play with my toy on it!

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Sleepy feet

HD Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 15/05/15

Photoset - 12/05/15

I'd been out all night, and so went to bed very late and fell to sleep straight away! I had completely forgotten about an appointment I had made with a carpet fitter early the next morning! And judging from the mess, it looked like he came to my house and didn't get any response from his knocks and rings, that he walked in my house and into my bedroom! He would have found me sprawled out on the bed and fast asleep! I certainly didn't know that he had a massive foot fetish, so seizing an opportunity while I was asleep, he pulled back the covers to have a sneaky peak at my feet! Then he plucked up the courage to bend down and smell my feet and kiss my little toes, which would have got him very excited! Feeling brave and very horny, he pulled his trousers down and used my feet to play with his rock hard cock, bringing himself to climax and then ejuculate all over them, while I was still fast asleep!

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Playing in my new garden

HD Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 08/05/15

Photoset - 05/05/15

At long last spring is here, the sun is shining and just in time, as I've had my garden redesigned! I love walking barefooted on grass, enjoying the feel of the hot sun on my little toes, as I sink them deep into the warm pile of grass! And then the sun on my face and body makes me so so hot and sweaty, and gets my pussy wet and horny as I finger myself in my new garden!

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Fun in the hay with a sexy Leyloo

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 01/05/15

Photoset - 28/04/15

I've been out riding with my new girlfriend and we got back to the stables all hot and very excited! She was glowing and I couldn't resist kissing her, moving my hands all over her sexy body, pulling her jodpurs down, and tasting her sweet pussy! I always keep some toys hidden in the barn, so soon we were at it, licking, kissing and fucking until we were both extremely satisfied!

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Just for you shoe lovers

HD Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 24/04/15

Photoset - 21/04/15

Watch me try on numerous high heeled shoes and then walk, click those heels, dip my feet in and out of the shoes, and of course dangle them! I just love driving you all crazy with my sexy little feet, so just sit back and enjoy the show!

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Date night

HD Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 17/04/15

Photoset - 14/04/15

I'd just been out on a new date for the very first time! It's always exciting, so I'd taken time to select a sexy little black dress with plunging cleavage, a lovely pair of nylon stockings and a sexy suspender belt! And to make things even more exciting, I didn't put on any panties! So when I got back home from the date, I was still a bit nervous and also a little bit horny! As I still didn't know if my date was aware that I didn't have any panties on all night long, the thought of this made my pussy so moist! Oh, what a night!

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Welcome to my dungeon, slave!

HD Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 10/04/15

Photoset - 07/04/15

I really enjoy playing games with my slaves in the dungeon! It takes me a while to lace up my thigh high pvc latex boots but it's worth it, because I love wearing them and they team up nicely with my long leather coat and nothing underneath! Then I love to tease my pathetic slaves with my sexy body, torturing their body and soul!

update thumbnail

In The Diner

HD Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 03/04/15

Photoset - 31/03/15

I like my feet and love wearing sexy high heeled shoes, as I'm fully aware what it does to men! So when I go out, I love showing them off, clicking my heels, dangling the shoe and then notice them all staring! I realised a long time ago that a lot of men have a foot fetish, some like bare feet, some like stockings, some have a fetish for high heels and some for boots, but it's always about legs and feet! So come and watch my sexy foot tease and give in to your fetish!

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Enjoying fuck machine in my dungeon

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 27/03/15

Photoset - 24/03/15

I really enjoy my kinky dungeon and being fucked hard in it is so much fun! I was on my own today, so I got my big fucking machine out to do the job, whilst I fantasied about being fucked by a big thick hard cock! Mmm, it was really hot and steamy in my tight red latex dress!

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My forgetful new temp gets a good seeing to

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 20/03/15

Photoset - 17/03/15

I'd noticed that my temp had been messing up emails, so I called her into my office. Looking through her files, I saw a dildo called "how deep is your love", and realised that she spent her time pleasuring herself! So I decided to teach her a lesson, and also find out how deep her pussy was! It took no time before I was sucking her big soft breasts and tasting her sweet young pussy! I could tell she loved it as I plunged her dildo deep inside, working it hard to give her a satisfying orgasm! Mmm, it was so horny that soon I joined her, holding her stockinged leg high in the air so I could have a good view of her wet pussy!

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Fucking surgeon on my hospital bed and getting a bonus spermy facial

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 13/03/15

Photoset - 10/03/15

I was finally on my hospital bed and waiting for my surgeon to arrive to assess me! I'd put on my favourite red stockings, suspenders and red slip, and just knew he wouldn't be able to resist me! And I was right, my hand felt his hard bulge in his medical scrubs and I couldn't wait to get that rock hard cock out to taste! Soon I was riding him on my hospital bed, his cock filling me all the way! He's shot his creamy load of medicine straight into my mouth and all over my face! And amazingly I felt so much better after all of that!

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Cum and watch me tease on my new chase lounge

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 06/03/15

Photoset - 03/03/15

I'm home alone again tonight, lounging on my new chase lounge and feeling very horny but also lonely! I can't wait to tease you with my horny dirty talk, dangle my shoe, rub my nylon legs together, so you can hear the gorgeous sound they make! Then I will spread my pussy nice and wide for you, and stick that silver vibrating cock deep inside my pussy, until I can't take it any longer, and urge you to cum with me at the same time!

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Hot footsex with a horny shop assistant

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 27/02/15

Photoset - 24/02/15

I love shopping for new shoes, so I poped into a new store to have a look. The shop assistant was very helpful, showing me a new collection and even putting the shoes on for me! I slid my foot in and out of the sexy high heeled courtshoe, enjoying the feel of leather. Then she offered me another pair of mules this time, and helped me to take off my stockings while caressing my feet! She admitted to having a foot fetish and soon had my toes in her mouth, and later inside her tight little pussy, rubbing her clit with my big toe and bringing herself to a shaddering orgasm! She then put a sign on the door saying that the shop was closed and we then indulged in a long footplay session!

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Horny lesbian session in a changing room as pervy photographer spies through the open door

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 20/02/15

Photoset - 17/02/15

It was time to photograph my glass dildo collection, so as we got ready in the changing room, but being so close together meant things got a little steamy! This lead to gentle kissing and, before long, we were licking, sucking and using our glass cocks, plunging them deep inside our hot dripping pussies! Our moaning must have attracted the attention of the photographer, as we heard the door creaking and his heavy breathing! So we decided to put on a bit of a lesbian show for him! Mmm, it's been a while since I've enjoyed myself that much!

update thumbnail

Enjoying a sensual play with my fleshy dildo

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 13/02/15

Photoset - 10/02/15

I can't believe how much snow we've had in the past few days, completely snowed in and not much to do and no visitors to entertain me! I had to make the best of it and entertain myself! I dressed up in my sheer stockings, sky high stiletto heels and and a gurdle, and lay back to enjoy my fleshy cock! Turning it to full speed, I explored the moist depth of my pussy, enjoying the pulsating sensation! I did it for sheer pleasure, and you can see it written all over my face! I can't stop myself from telling you exactly how it feels all the way, so you are a real participant in this intimate act!

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Treating my glass cock designer with the best present ever

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 06/02/15

Photoset - 03/02/15

I've invited my glass dildo designer for champaigne celebration, as she'd done wonders for my new collection. I had a present for her as well, the best selling chrystal cock! I hadn't even tried it myself and admitted it to her regretfully. That was enough to start a long sensual session of kissing, licking, probing, tasting of the juices and fucking to complete satisfaction! You can see how much lesbian attention I had had just lately, all because my hubby's been working away! Can't say I'm complaining though!

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Horny office affairs

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 30/01/15

Photoset - 27/01/15

I had been working on a project with my collegue, and my computer was playing up, so I hardly noticed that he was paying more attention to my feet then the job! So I teased him by dangling my high heeled shoe and arching my foot. Finally I confronted him and, slipping my shoe off, I laid my stockinged foot right into his lap, feeling his bulge with my toes! I couldn't wait to see his cock and soon had it deep inside my mouth! I teased his cock with my feet before wrapping my stocking over his cock and sucking it, until he couldn't hold off any longer! Soon I could feel his hot cum seeping through the sheer stocking into my mouth! Mmm, it was hard to get back to the job at hand!

update thumbnail

My check up with sexy doctor ends up in a horny nylon session

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 23/01/15

Photoset - 20/01/15

I had been looking forward to my next doctor's appointment, as I couldn't wait to see the horny doctor again, and she didn't disappoint! When I complained about foot cramps, she quickly recommended some special tights for me to wear, lovely sheer ones with a seam! She helped me to put them on, and gentle stroking went into passionate kissing and a steamy sex session! We had tongues licking, probing and dildos fucking our wet dripping pussies, it was so so horny!! What excuse can I think of to see the sexy doctor again?

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A glass dildo designer blows me away with her horny sex toy demonstration

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 16/01/15

Photoset - 13/01/15

I've been expanding my business, and I'm always looking for new opportunities. And this time I was looking forward to meeting a glass dildo designer, who I might want to join my business. She was young, cute and eager, and before long, she was spread on my leather couch with one of her crystal dildos deep inside her pussy! She was such a horny girl, soon I was playing with her other dildo, watching her scream as she orgasmed! And it wasn't long before I followed her, my orgasm washing over me in big wild waves!

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Lesbian sex with a hotel's maid has cured my hangover

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 09/01/15

Photoset - 06/01/15

I had been out with my friends and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Waking up in my hotel room with a big hangover, I realised that a maid had walked in, finding me scantily clad in my bed! She offered to cure my headache with a soothing massage and her fingers worked the magic, soon I felt her warm lips on my shoulder, and turning my head, my lips met hers! Soon I was taking off her maid's uniform, burying my head between her thighs and licking her hot and juicy pussy! It was such a hot and steamy session, that we needed more to satisfy us, so I reached into the draw to find my trusted dildos to bring us to a satisfying climax!

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Oh Doctor, I love to take my medicine orally

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 02/01/15

Photoset - 30/12/14

I sprained my ankle recently and so, went to see the doctor to book in for keyhole surgery. I'd been to the hospital before and I was seeing the Anesthetist that I fancied! So I thought if I played my cards right with the Doctor, I will get the appointment straight away! The fee for private surgery was too high, so I wasted no time in getting down on my knees to please the Doctor, and soon we were fucking in his surgery! He got me down on his desk, and was pounding his cock deep inside, before filling my mouth with his own special medicine!

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Watch Lana the sexy Santa play by her Christmas tree and fill her stocking with her festive pussy juices

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 26/12/14

Photoset - 23/12/14

It's Christmas time again, and I've got my sexy Santa's outfit on for you! I've already have lots of presents under my tree, so I'm starting to get into the Christmas spirit! I've got my festive white silk stockings on and I'm playing with my horny wet pussy, plunging my dildo deep inside it! I've cum so much that my pussy juices started dripping, so I took my stocking off and wrapped it around my dildo to reach another orgasm, and soaked up all my juices! Have a Merry Christmas!

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Come on, fuck me in my dungeon

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 19/12/14

Photoset - 16/12/14

I had just finished decorating my new dungeon and was looking forward to trying it out, teasing, fucking and sucking my hunky male slave! So I put on my black latex dress and my spiky metal extreme heels, and got him naked for my amusement! It only took a second to get him hard and I rode his cock until his knees were trembling, then I had him fuck me in different positions before he shot his load straight into my mouth and all over my face!

update thumbnail

Winter's here, so it's time to enjoy my lovely sheer tights

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 12/12/14

Photoset - 09/12/14

Winter's here and Christmas is on its way, the weather's getting cold and it's time to start enjoying my lovely tights again! They are so sheer and silky to touch, so I instantly get turned on and start pushing my finger against the gusset, rubbing my pussy through it! I get so horny that my finger is not enough any more, so I plunge my fleshy big cock into it, and feeling my juices dripping down the shaft, I moan as waves of an orgasm wash over me! Yes, I can see many cold evenings warmed up with a horny pussy play!

update thumbnail

A search for a file ended in finding a sex toy and using it

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 05/12/14

Photoset - 02/12/14

I was looking for a misplaced file through endless row of filing cabinets, when I came across a plastic bag inside one draw. So I opened it up and found a silver toy! It was a shiny silver dildo complete with working batteries, so I couldn't wait to give it a blast! I didn't care about the noise and so turned it up to full volume, my pussy was dripping wet as I plunged it deep inside, bringing myself to an overwhelming office orgasm!

update thumbnail

Sexy foot tease, footjob and hot dildo action

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 28/11/14

Photoset - 25/11/14

I receive so many requests for some bare foot shows, so I decided to give you foot lovers a real treat! So I set out my court shoes, mules and high heeled sandals, so you could watch me dip, dangle, flip and change them, teasing you as I do it! I then rub some cream into my toes, flaring them teasingly in your face, and finish off with a footjob demo while fucking myself with a long pink dildo! Mmm, what a session!

update thumbnail

My gynecological examination leads to some heavy latex petting

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 21/11/14

Photoset - 18/11/14

I always dreaded my visits to the gynecologist, but this time it was a different nurse, a pretty one with a gentle touch and as she examined my breasts and I got so turned on by her touch! I laid down on the bed, my stockinged legs spread wide and she inserted the cold speculum deep into my pussy, and opened it really wide! She examined my gaping hole, looking deep inside! She probed and stroked my pussy before sliding her latex finger deep inside, moving it around, probing my hot cunt with her fingers until I've cum! My hot juices were flowing down her latex glove as she took her hand out, she could see how much I enjoyed it, and it didn't take a lot of persuading for me to give her delicate pink cunt a very thorough probing too!

update thumbnail

My lunchtime phonesex session

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 14/11/14

Photoset - 11/11/14

I've got into a habit of having a steamy phonesex session during my lunch break! I start lifting up my skirt, stroking my silky stockings and sliding my hand all over my pussy, as I'm not wearing any knickers of course! I'm keeping up the horny chat as I plunge the silver cock toy deep into my pussy, imagining it to be yours! I remember your favourite position and bend over the desk, urging you to fuck me from behind! Mmm, I wish this lunch break could last forever!

update thumbnail

My horny daydream

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 07/11/14

Photoset - 04/11/14

I often daydream about sex, anything on the internet to make me horny and get me going! This time my focus went on a guy on a website I came across, and my fantasy took over! I was sucking his cock hungrily, swallowing it whole, licking, spitting, playing until I couldn't take it any longer, and had to feel it inside me, filling me up! My legs were trembling and shaky in my high heels, I mounted the cock, riding it hard, bending over, my ass in the air, hungrily waiting for it to enter me, begging for more... I couldn't wait to swallow all that cum building up inside it!

update thumbnail

My nylon tease session just for you

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 31/10/14

Photoset - 28/10/14

I know how much you enjoy me teasing you, so cum and watch me run my hands up and down my navy fully fashioned stockings! Then I will shoe dangle and point my feet and soles right to your face, so close that you can smell the scent of my feet in the nylons! Just as you get turned on, I will slide off my panties and slip my gloved finger deep into my pussy, finger fucking it until I cum!

update thumbnail

My office nylon blowjob

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 24/10/14

Photoset - 21/10/14

I enjoy having a private play in my office, but this time I got caught right in the middle of my orgasm by an electrician! There was no electrical fault in my office, but I could see his cock highly charged inside his pants, so I was eager to see it! As I sucked his stiff cock, I fantasized about giving him a nylon blowjob, so I took my stocking off and hooded his stiff cock with it! I could taste his pre-cum through it and urged him to cum in my mouth through my silky stocking! And I must say his cum tasted so much better mixed with the aroma of my scent on the stocking!

update thumbnail

Footplay in a doctor's surgery

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 17/10/14

Photoset - 14/10/14

I often suffer with pain in the balls of my feet, due to wearing extremely high heels all the time! So I went for a check up at the hospital and had some tests. Then late one evening a trainee doctor came in to see me with a video camera, he said he wanted to film the examination as a part of his course. I could see his cock bulging and soon my little toes were examining his cock intead! It was clear that both of us got off on the fact we were being filmed, and soon I could feel his hot cum running between my toes!

update thumbnail

My nylon encasement foot fetish session

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 10/10/14

Photoset - 07/10/14

I enjoy my foot fetish sessions and for this one I wore sexy full pantyhose encasement, covering all but my head! The session went so well and made me extremely horny, after the trampling, face sitting, we ended up having some hot and horny sex together!

update thumbnail

My new pink double ended dildo

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 26/09/14

Photoset - 23/09/14

I love travelling and having a naughty nature, I decided to go to Amsterdam for a few days to shop for some new sex toys! I came back with a lovely pink double ended dildo, which I couldn't wait to try out! So I put on my new girdle by Nylon Dreams UK and my new silky stockings, and thoroughly enjoyed masturbating with my huge new toy!

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A sexy barn inspector caught me playing with myself, so I had to fuck her with my leather gloved fingers

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 19/09/14

Photoset - 16/09/14

I'm always horny after riding my horse, and so play with my pussy using my hiddn toys that I keep in my barn! I was about to cum when someone's tapped me on the shoulder, it made me jump and I saw the barn inspector next to me! I had forgotten that we had an appointment, the barn was a complete mess, and so was I! I tried to make a play at her, noticing that she was wearing a lovely pair of stockings! She weakly resisted, but soon I had her pushed gently down on her back, and then slid my gloved finger deep inside her pussy! Mmm, and what a lovely sweet pussy it was!

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Cum and play with me as I fuck my juicy pussy with a crystal cock

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 12/09/14

Photoset - 09/09/14

I love playing with myself as you watch me, and I turn you on with my body and horny sex talk! I then spread my pussy lips as I insert my gloved fingers inside, feeling the moist softness, my pussy dripping wet now, I slid my crystal cock deep inside! I then call you over to come closer and watch me building up my orgasm especially for you!

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Work collegue catches me on the fuck machine and slams his cock in my mouth

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 05/09/14

Photoset - 02/09/14

I often get horny, so I keep my fucking machine hidden in the office, so I can have a secret play while at work! But, as I was getting close to cum, I got caught by my collegue, who after telling me off, got turned on and joined in! He slammed his thick cock right into my hungry mouth, as my wet cunt was being fucked by the machine! That made it even hornier for me, and I came again and again, my juices dripping off his cock as he fucked me hard from behind!

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Your presents make me so horny

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 29/08/14

Photoset - 26/08/14

I love getting presents and being spoilt rotten, and quite a few of you are spoiling me with you lovely gifts! Like Brian, my personal engineer, who often buys me some lovely expensive lingerie. He knows that wearing it makes me so horny, so cum and watch me play, spreading my wet cunt so wide for you that it fills out the screen while I fuck it with a big steel cock! Mmm, how I love being dirty!

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Watch me give a blowjob to a hunky assistant during one of my photoshoots

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 22/08/14

Photoset - 19/08/14

I enjoy posing on photoshoots, dressed in fully fashioned stockings and suspenders, I love to flirt with the camera! But this time a sexy assistant caught my eye, so during a tea break, I came on to him and, not wasting any time, put my hand on his bulge! Unzipping his trousers, we were at it soon enough, I was swallowing his big cock as the photographer was setting up his lights literally a few meters away! It was such a thrill and one photoshoot to remember!

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A masked intruder, fuck machine and footwank

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 15/08/14

Photoset - 12/08/14

I wake up and find myself tied to a chair in a derelict burnt house! My masked intruder slowly unzips his fly, and places his hard cock between my stockinged sole and stiletto shoe, and then he wanks it hard! He slowly walks to me with his throbbing erection and lowers his cock into my mouth, as a fucking machine fucks my wet pussy at the same time! It's strangely exciting as I watch him cum on the cock of the fucking machine, and then watch it go back into my pussy!

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My new PA had never seen a fucking machine, so I showed her the ropes

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 08/08/14

Photoset - 05/08/14

I'm was interviewing my new PA, who was a shy country girl and not used to the city ways! So I decided to enlighten her, and introduced her to the pleasures of my fucking machine! Just watch this english rose blush, as the brutal machine entered her tight delicate pussy! Mmm, there are so many things I could teach her!

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Wanking masked slave in my dungeon

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 01/08/14

Photoset - 29/07/14

I'm was ready for some games in my dark dungeon, and my masked slave was ready and waiting for me! So I played with his cock, tickled it with my riding crop, spanked that firm butt gently with the paddle, before running my leather gloved hands all over that silky smooth cock, making it nice and hard! I enjoyed his submission so much, I wanked his big cock building his spunk until I order him to cum all over my big breasts, drenching them with jets of hot cum!

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My new hospital room is ready for some hot action

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 25/07/14

Photoset - 22/07/14

I often fantasized about having my own private hospital and putting my patients through a very thorough medical examination. So finally it was ready and I couldn't wait to show it off! Dressed in a tight nurses outfit with stockings included of course, I got so horny thinking of the games and fantasies I was going to play! I picked my new dildo made especially by my personal medical engineer Brian, from the highest quality medical steel, and then settled down to try it out! My pussy was filling up with hot juices, as I fucked myself with this surgical steel dildo! Mmm, what a start to my new surgery, it's finally open! Any Volunteers?

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Humiliating Matt in my office, watch his cum on my stockings

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 18/07/14

Photoset - 15/07/14

I enjoy power games, so I couldn't wait to put Matt through the test! If he wanted the job, he had to put up with my harsh words, as I criticised his creased clothes and unzipped fly! I then ordered him to pull his pants down, laughing at how small his cock looked, and gave him a task to get it as long as he could, by teasing his cock with my sexy stockinged feet! His final task was to impress me with his cumshot, and he got the job by impressing me with his huge jet cum shot!

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So horny after a riding session

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 11/07/14

Photoset - 08/07/14

I love summer and the hot weather so I took up riding again, and after a long winter break, it's always hard on my thighs! So after my first riding session I felt very sweaty and pleasantly tired, so I went back to my barn for a bit of a chill. My jodpurs were clinging to my pussy so I rubbed it, and enjoyed the sensation! Feeling horny, I lay back on the hay and found a wrapped up dildo that someone had used and then hidden under a helmet! So I quickly pulled my jodpurs down and teased the big cock around my wet pussy lips, before slipping it deep into my wet cunt, fucking it hard and fast! I then heard voices outside, but I was enjoying the big fleshy cock so much I didn't even care as I moaned, my orgasm took over me in big powerful waves!

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Tied up and fucked with a strap on

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 04/07/14

Photoset - 01/07/14

I couldn't believe my eyes when I woke up tied to a chair wearing black silky stockings in a burnt out room somewhere! Someone must have pulled my skirt up, revealing the black nylon stocking tops and opened my blouse! As my captor entered the room, I realised that it was my PA Michelle, I had used her for my sex games and moved on, like I always do to my next prey! She opened her coat, revealing a shiny black strap on, and was getting her revenge and there was nothing I could do, but play along and enjoy the experience! She smothered my face with her big boobs, nearly suffocating me, before fucking me with that strap on! Her sex games lasted a long while until she finally let me go!

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My Cuba escapades, ending in a steamy sex session

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 27/06/14

Photoset - 24/06/14

I was loving my holiday in Cuba with plenty of sun, sea and only sex that was missing! So I called down for some fresh towels and got ready for the delivery in my basque and sexy stockings! The pool boy didn't disappoint and soon I had him stroking my long stockinged legs shyly, as I put my leg up to his bulging crotch, releasing his meaty cock and making it hard with my feet! I got so heated up that I urged him to slide his cock right into my pussy, pumping it hard till I came!

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Two cocks ramming my pussy and gagging my mouth at the same time

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 20/06/14

Photoset - 17/06/14

I'm was at home bored and horny, so I got my fuck machine out for a play! But it just wasn't enough and I reached for the phone, and requested a stud with a big cock from an agency to satisfy me! I saw him come in as I lay on my back with my stockinged legs high in the air, the machine pounding my pussy, so I told him to feed me his rock hard cock! I then turned the volume up, the cock thrusted fast into my pussy as I swallowed all his 9 inchs of cock, gagging on it as I came! Then I bent over the sofa and took the cock again, it was all the way into my hungry cunt as I ordered my stud to fill my mouth with his cum!

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Horny foot play in Havana hotel

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 13/06/14

Photoset - 10/06/14

I recently went to Cuba on holiday, so my first stop was Havana. I met a young guy on the plane and it turned out he was staying at the same hotel as me. I quickly invited him to come and see my suite after checking in, so I only just had time to put on my black stockings and shoes when he turned up! I left my robe open, exposing my big breasts and showing my stocking tops, and soon he was massaging my stockinged feet, before I asked him to massage them with his cock! Mmm, that was the best foot massage I've had in ages!

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A big mean industrial fucking machine

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 06/06/14

Photoset - 03/06/14

I couldn't believe my eyes when I got back from work and found this massive industrial fucking machine in my living room! My girlfriend must have bought it for me, and I just couldn't wait to use it! I love being fucked by a big cock, so I lifted my lacy slip up and fed the cock into my wet cunt! Then I lifted my legs up letting the cock in as deep as it goes, running my hands up and down the red seams of my stockings, my fingers digging in as the cock thrust deeper and deeper! I bent over the couch, turning up the speed, urging the cock to fuck me faster and faster!

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My slave obedience training

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 30/05/14

Photoset - 27/05/14

I'm curious about slave training sessions that I've heard about, so decided to give it a try. My dominatrix is a bossy Mistress, dressed in red pvc dress and thigh high boots. She knows my background, so wastes no time in spanking me into submission, ordering me to lick her sexy boots! She takes it further by ordering me to suck cock, holding down my head so I nearly choke on it, and then proceeds by using it on me, making the fucking machine go faster and faster! I will never forget my session with this demanding Mistress!

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Monster fuck machine office sex

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 23/05/14

Photoset - 20/05/14

I compensate the long hours in my office by indulging in horny sex sessions after work hours. When everyone has gone and the place is quiet, I bring out my toys to play with! No one ever suspects that I hide a monstrous pink fuck machine in my office! So I bend over my desk and let this huge cock fuck me from behind, the cock starts pounding my pussy hard, pinning me to the desk, my stockinged legs are shaking! So I lay down on the desk, lifting my legs in the air, the long arm of the machine driving the thick cock inside me, the fast and hard strokes bring me to orgasm time after time!

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My new office temp sex interview

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 09/05/14

Photoset - 06/05/14

I was interviewing for a position for a nylons sales girl today. The last one to come in was Michelle, and she instantly got my attention straight away! She was wearing stockings and was very smartly dressed, but the main thing was that she was a really good looking girl, with long legs and big boobs! I wasted no time in making a move, kissing her lips, and moving down to her sweet pussy! I let her pleasure me too, fucking me with a big dildo, making me expload in powerful waves of orgasms! I've had the biggest red dildo in my draw, and couldn't wait to plunge it into her tight wet pussy, lick her clit and making her cum! The phone rang, but we were oblivious to the sound, because of our own moans and groans!

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Pretty and very naughty in pink

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 02/05/14

Photoset - 29/04/14

I'm all by myself tonight and in the mood to play! So I put on my pink babydoll slip, sheer pantyhose and pink high heels, and lay back in the chair. I first start to run my hands all over the pantyhose, my nails digging into the silky nylon, turning me on! I then slip my shoe on and off, enjoying the sensation and dig my fingers into my pantyhose crotch, feeling the wetness cuming through it! I imagine your tongue there and get so horny that I plunge my vibrator deep into my wet pussy, my pantyhose pushing against it, keeping it deep inside, while I play with my hard nipples! My pussy is now dripping wet as I plunge it deep inside me again, and my orgasm takes over in big powerful ecstasy waves!

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A dripping wet silky stocking inside my pussy

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 25/04/14

Photoset - 22/04/14

I always edit my videos myself, watching them again and again gives me such a kick! I wear my suit teamed up with black nylon stockings and stilettos, and, finishing my editing I realise that I've got a run in my stocking. I had to take it off as it was so noticeable, but I was so horny doing my editing, I decided to play with it! I finger fucked my pussy first, making it nice and wet, then wrapped the dildo in my stocking and fucked my wet pussy with a stockinged dildo! I have cum so much, that the stocking was dripping wet with my juices! I pushed the stocking deep into my pussy, so it was all inside, absorbing all my wetness, before pulling it all out!

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After a lovely shopping trip, let me thank you with a special sex show

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 18/04/14

Photoset - 15/04/14

I enjoy being spoilt, so when you take me out shopping and spoil me rotten, I have only one way of spoiling you back, by putting on a very special sex show just for you! So I start by slipping off my skirt so you can see my chocolate stockings, and dip my hand inside my wet panties, caressing my sweet pussy! Laying back, I get out my vibrator and suck it, like I would suck your nice hard cock, and teasing you, slip it inside my tight wet pussy! I turn it on and fuck myself with it, watching your reaction I pull my legs back and make you come closer, so you can now see me cum all over that cock! Mmmm, shear heaven!

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Let me wank you off with my stockinged feet

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 11/04/14

Photoset - 08/04/14

I love playing games with you and, if you'd like to film us having fun, it's a bonus! So film me teasing you with my stockinged feet before taking your cock deep into my mouth, making it rock hard, placing it between my arches for a silky wank! I'll rub your cock with my toes, soles and balls of my feet while you are filming us having fun! I can see your cock throbbing ready to explode, and I allow you to shoot all your load on the stockinged soles of my sexy feet!

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Special surprise on my holidays

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 04/04/14

Photoset - 01/04/14

I'm still popping in to work between my Easter time holidays to keep my eye on things, and reading my emails in my office, I've noticed a mistery one, saying that I've got a present left for me in a draw of my desk! I had to have a look there and found a big black shiny vibrator. So I took it out of the packaging and slid it inside my sheer tan pantyhose, turning up the volume, I slid it deep inside my pussy and pulled the waistband of my pantyhose right up, making it shove the dildo in and out! Ohh, it felt so good, soon I was on my desk, enjoying my new big shiny cock inside my wet pussy!

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Sucking photographer's cock for my hubby's surprise video

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 28/03/14

Photoset - 25/03/14

I love being naughty every chance I get, so I decided to make my husband a present and booked for a video shoot. I wore blood red stockings and high heels and I really enjoyed talking dirty to the camera, and could see that cameraman was getting turned on by being so close to my wet pussy. I couldn't wait to lay my hands on the bulge inside his jeans and soon was swallowing his cock, and tasting his hot cum! Mmm, my hubby will really enjoy watching this video of his unfaithful wife!

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Getting a load off the pool cleaner

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 21/03/14

Photoset - 18/03/14

I've had my eye on a pool cleaner for some time now and was hoping to get him into the hot tub with me one day. Luckily I didn't have to wait long. He had all the makings of a good lover, kissing me passionately, moving his lips down my body, sucking my toes and moving back to my pussy, inserting his tongue deep inside it! The sensation of his tongue and the bubbles of the hot tub made me expload my juices all over his face! Now it was my turn as I couldn't wait to taste his big cock, taking it deep into my mouth, covering every inch of it with my tongue until he couldn't resist shooting his cum into my mouth!

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My love juices on glass dildo

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 07/03/14

Photoset - 04/03/14

I love holidaying and as the sun goes down, I love to lie on my terrace and play with myself as I talk dirty to you! I start with rubbing my nipples through the lace bra, gently sliding my hand down into my panties, feeling my wet pussy. I get my favourite glass dildo out and slide it deep into my pussy, see my juices on the glass dildo, mmm you won't be disappointed!

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Negotiating my business Partner's big cock

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 28/02/14

Photoset - 25/02/14

I will go to any length to get the best business deal I can, so when we had a merger of one of my companies recently, I decided to get the majority shareholding at any cost. I started the negotiations by taking my business partner's cock out and swallowing it deep down my throat! He responded by pulling my panties down and giving me a good lick while I moaned with pleasure. I could see the deal was already in my pocket, but to secure it, I was prepared to fuck him! He had a big 9 inch cock, and soon rammed it deep inside my pussy, making me gasp! He fucked me in every position possible, with my juices flowing so much, they were dribbling into my ass! The deal was sealed as he came in my mouth, so remember I always get what I want!

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Fucked hard by Police Girl

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 21/02/14

Photoset - 18/02/14

My car broke down in a bad neighbourhood and I had no idea where I was, so I started looking for a taxi when a lady police officer turned up. I looked out of place there, so she was a bit suspicious, and so hand cuffed me and frisked me. Not satisfied with my explanations, the Police Girl insisted on taking me to the police station for further questioning. When we arrived, she put her rubber gloves on and insisted on giving me a vaginal and an anal examination! She then picked up her long fat truncheon and fucked me hard with it until I came! She was turned on by now and told me to pleasure her, so you had better cum and see what happens next!

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Hot cum all over my fingers

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 14/02/14

Photoset - 11/02/14

I love being naughty outdoors, so any time I'm away in exotic locations I try to find a fairly secluded spot to relieve my sexual tension! So recently I had a break on one of the Caribean islands, and I did just that. The hot and humid climate made me so horny, that I just had to stop and play with my hot and sweaty pussy, until I've cum all over my fingers!

update thumbnail

A quickie on the rocks

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 04/02/14

I hired a long tail boat to take me to a tiny deserted island for a spot of sunbathing. I had a great time on my own, when I got startled by a man, who had the same idea as me. The boat wasn't due to pick us up for another couple of hours, he seemed cute, so the prospect of having sex with a complete stranger on a deserted island became very appealing! I soon got his cock out and began to take it deep into my mouth. He then got me up against the rock, fucking me from behind, and I was loving every moment of it! We just had enough time to get cleaned up as the boat appeared on the horizon to pick us up!

update thumbnail

Horny and hot on holiday

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 31/01/14

Photoset - 28/01/14

I love holidays and prefer to spend most of them at my villa. So I put on my high heeled mules and walked on the courtyard, and enjoyed the clicking of the heels on the hard floor tiles. I sat on the edge of the pool, dangled my hot and sweaty feet into the cool water, the sensation got me so horny and I couldn't resist spreading my legs wide open and playing with my horny pussy! The feeling of the cool water dripping from my toes, down my legs and onto my pussy was amazing! Mmm, the baking hot sun always makes my orgasms so much more intense!

update thumbnail

Teasing the handsome Estate Agent

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 24/01/14

Photoset - 21/01/14

I was looking at buying a villa whilst on holiday in Spain recently, but to be honest, it was the handsome estate agent who caught my eye! I started teasing him by dangling my shoe and sneaking my stockinged foot under the table to rub his crotch. He needed a little persuading, so I put his big cock deep into my mouth! Mmm, I spent a lovely afternoon playing sex games with him and who knows, I might even buy that villa he was trying to sell me!

update thumbnail

Office lesbian sex with printer repair girl

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 17/01/14

Photoset - 14/01/14

The printer in my office had stopped working, so I called in an engineer to fix it. To my surprise it was a very attractive girl in a smart suit and fully fashioned stockings. I complimented her on her dress sense and couldn't resist touchng her lovely stockinged legs. She responded and before you knew it we had mad lesbian sex on my office desk! Her pussy tasted divine and we couldn't wait to fuck each other with the glass dildos she had in her tool kit! Needless to say, my sexy engineer enjoyed a great overtime bonus!

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New Year, new butt plug

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 10/01/14

Photoset - 07/01/14

I'm very highly sexed, so when I don't have a playmate to fulfill my sexual fantasies, I enjoy playing with my pussy and my ass to give myself extreme pleasure! So I decided to put on my sheer lingerie and my pale pink silk stockings, and then rub my wet pussy through the sheer fabric of my panties, making it drip with juices before I turn my attention to my new pink butt plug! I insert it deep into my ass as I play with my wet pussy, making my orgasm even more amazing!

update thumbnail

My first lesbian riding lesson

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 03/01/14

Photoset - 31/12/13

I enjoy riding and am pretty good at it, so I decided to start giving lessons to a select few. So when a cute blonde came for her first lesson, I couldn't wait to teach her a thing or two about the joys of riding! She turned out to be quite willing to learn and soon mastered the art of riding a saddle with a big dildo strapped to it! Wow, I loved my first lesbian riding session!

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Punishing the villa rental guy for sniffing my shoes

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 27/12/13

Photoset - 24/12/13

I was getting ready for a party and I was hoping to flirt with a guy I fancied, as I knew he'd be there too. I put on my classic sexy black lingerie and fully fashioned stockings to seduce him, and as I had time to kill, decided to play with my pussy fantasising about him! I had the most shaddering orgasm, and satisfied, went to my bedroom to finish off getting ready. When I got back, I caught the guy who rented the villa to me, on all fours sniffing my shoes! He had no right to be there, so I punished him by making him lick my shoes, and spanked him with them for being so naughty and spying on me!

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