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Holiday sex tape

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 20/12/13

Photoset - 17/12/13

I love to film myself having sex, so last time while I was on holiday I got very horny and was on a lookout for a hunky guy to make a sex tape with. I found a perfect guy while sunbathing and took him back to my room. Luckily he didn't have any objection of filming me and being filmed fucking me, and we made the horniest sex tape ever! I hope you enjoy it too!

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Lesbian footsy with Saffy before dinner date

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 13/12/13

Photoset - 10/12/13

I'd been invited out for dinner with some friends, but had fallen asleep as my girlfriend Saffy turned up to pick me up. She sat chatting next to me on the settee and started to admire my feet. One thing lead to another and soon we were having the most amazing footsy sex. I had one of the best orgasms when she put her toes deep into my pussy, making me tingle all over and I just couldn't wait to return the favour! Needless to say, we were fashionably late for the dinner!

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Entering the pool fully dressed for a good plunging

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 06/12/13

Photoset - 03/12/13

I love hot weather, and this summer's holiday was even hotter then ever. So I decided to not to bother with getting undressed, but go in the pool fully dressed, I even kept my high heeled mules on! I loved the feeling of my wet shirt clinging to my hot body, cooling me down, and rubbing against my hard nipples! And before long, I was running my hands down my body to my wet pussy, plunging my fingers deep inside and moaning quietly, hoping other guests wouldn't hear me!

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Acting out porn film with hunky cleaner

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 29/11/13

Photoset - 26/11/13

I was watching a porn film when my cleaner walked in on me, so I asked him to stay and join me. I wanted to re-enact a scene from the movie and he was eager to do so too. He started with my feet, licking and kissing each toe and slowly went all the way up, making me tingle with desire. We fucked in lots of different positions and I enjoyed feeling his bare cock inside my pussy. Ohh, it was so naughty of me to let him cum all over my ass, his hot cum dripping down my pussy!

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Watching my holiday sex tape and playing with my pussy

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 22/11/13

Photoset - 19/11/13

I must admit that I'm a naughty girl and very highly sexed, so even on holiday I wank and fuck as much as I can. I took a shining to a hunky waiter, so I rigged up my video camera and placed an order with room service. When he arrived it didn't take me long to seduce him, and I had our steamy sex session on tape! Now I'm very horny and can't wait to watch our fuck session on film, whilst playing with my pussy! So I've put on my sexy lingerie and fully fashioned stockings to get me in the mood, and then finger fucked my pussy until I cum!

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Special room service treatment

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 15/11/13

Photoset - 12/11/13

Whilst I was on holiday last week I placed a room service order at the hotel, hoping for a hunky waiter to deliver it, so I could use him as my entertainment! So wasting no time, I rigged up my video camera ,and caught all the action on tape! It started with him giving me a foot massage as an extra service. I sat there, enjoying it and spread my legs wide, showing him that I wasn't wearing any panties. Soon I was riding his hard cock in any position I could think of, while my trusty camcorder was filming all the action!

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Give me your spunky cream

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 08/11/13

Photoset - 05/11/13

I love to relax at my villa in spain, nothing is better than being outside and eating some fresh fruit, but instead of eating on my own I love to share it with a sexy hunk. First he got a strawberry and teased me with it from head to toe licking the strawberry from my toes, he then put cream all between them and licked every bit! Then he started licking my pussy and inserting the strawberry inside me, untill all my pussy juices covered the strawberry. I was so turned on I couldn't wait to get his cock out, and lick cream from it! The taste of the cream and his cock was so delicious, I knew he couldn't wait to give me his own cream, so he shot his load deep into my hungry mouth!

update thumbnail

Negotiating the Lana way!

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 01/11/13

Photoset - 29/10/13

Watch me negotiate my majority share holding the "Lana way"! I dressed "to kill" in my sexiest black lingerie, black fully fashioned stockings and a pair of patent 6 inch heels. I then fucked my pussy with a dildo for his pleasure and sucked his big cock, increasing my shares as his orgasm builded up, finally letting him cum all over my face and mouth!

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Horny riding experience

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 25/10/13

Photoset - 22/10/13

As you already know I enjoy riding, not only is it great exercise, but its a very horny experience too. That's why I invited my friend's husband to join me and, as soon as we got back to the stables, I made a move on him, kissing him full on the mouth and moving my gloved hand down his crotch! It didn't take long for him to get his big cock into my hungry pussy. Needless to say, I totally enjoyed this riding experience more!

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Teaching my pervy Estate Agent a lesson

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 18/10/13

Photoset - 15/10/13

I had an appointment with my estate agent, who had rented me the villa for my break in the sun. He looked a seedy little man, so I couldn't wait to see him leave. I carried on sunbathing, and moved my bikini bottoms to the side, sliding my fingers inside my pussy. I really enjoyed playing with my pussy, plunging my fingers deep inside and enjoying the wetness of it, finally cumming all over my fingers, covering them with my juices! I then heard a noise outside and realised that the estate agent was spying on me all that time through the letterbox! So I decided to teach him a lesson, and one he'd never forget!

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Left with hot sticky cum underneath my feet

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 11/10/13

Photoset - 08/10/13

Whilst on my holiday in Spain, I met a guy at a party and got his card and decided to pay him a visit. I put on my silvery-blue dress, teamed with navy fully fashioned stockings and tall stilettos. We didn't waste any time as we both knew what we wanted, so we went straight for it and soon I was straddling his big cock. It was pure raw sex, just what I wanted and I got off on him leading the way and ordering me to suck his cock. As he came inside my shoe, he told me to slide my foot inside it, and I left home feeling his hot sticky cum underneath my feet!

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Hot lesbian action in the stables

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 04/10/13

Photoset - 01/10/13

Well, I had such a good time with my stables boy last time, I couldn't wait to pay him a visit again. So, I put on my black lingerie, sexy high heels and my own brand fully fashioned stockings. But, to my surprise, it turned out to be a girl working there. I was so horny, I went on to seduce her and couldn't wait to get my hands on that sweet pussy of hers, and soon I was plunging my leather gloved fingers deep into her wet pussy! Cum and see us having hot sex in the hay!

update thumbnail

My big erect pool boy

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 27/09/13

Photoset - 24/09/13

I noticed my pool boy was slacking off on his pool duties, so I decided to teach him a lesson. I pulled down his shorts and got his cock out. To my surprise he was already erect, so I wasted no time in mounting it. I had a fishnet pair of pantyhose and a sexy dress on, so I ripped a bigger hole in my pantyhose to accomodate it. It was raw sex and I thoroughly enjoyed fucking him in any position we could think of. He sure got my juices flowing!

update thumbnail

Strawberry play and a spying estate agent

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 20/09/13

Photoset - 17/09/13

As you know I love the sunshine and spend a lot of time at my holiday villa in Spain. I enjoy basking in the sun and having a bowl of fruit. Feeling naughty, I trace a strawberry down my body, dipping it into my pussy. The feeling of a cool berry between my pussy lips makes me so horny, so I decide to use all my fruit to play with my pussy. I pick up a can of cream and squirt some on my foot, feeling the cool cream on the sole of my foot, I loose myself in my play, oblivious to everything around me until I hear strange sounds outside and go to investigate. To my surprise I find my estate agent spying on me, and I teach him a lesson he'll never forget!

update thumbnail

Going all the way with my TV repairman

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 13/09/13

Photoset - 10/09/13

I've been thinking about the hunky tv repairman I had a bit of fun with last time, so I decided to make a call back to see if we could take things even further. I put on my black fully fashioned stockings, basque and the highest pair of patent mules I owned and waited for him. He didn't need a lot of persuading and soon he was licking my shoes and kissing my stockinged feet. I couldn't wait to get his cock into my mouth and, seeing how big he was, told him to fuck me hard. I could see he was trying to control himself not to cum, but I finally allowed him to cum all over my sexy stockinged feet!

update thumbnail

My big juicy hotdog

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 06/09/13

Photoset - 03/09/13

I love barbecues in the summer, so I was delighted when I got an invite to one in the villa next to mine. I was early and saw the naked chef busy cooking the food, I couldn't resist grabbing his peachy bottom, and, before long, I was sampling the biggest hot dog I had ever seen! Yummy!

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Let me entertain you

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 30/08/13

Photoset - 27/08/13

Well let me entertain you! Watch me perform a sexy show just for you, fingering my pussy and making myself cum for your eyes only. I'm watching you closely, encouraging you to play with your cock and then give it to me to play with. I can see your cock is getting even harder as I wank it between my stockinged feet, I can feel your body stiffen as I suck on your cock and, finally I allow you to cum all over my fully fashioned stockings!

update thumbnail

Sleepy feet

Video - NOW IN HD - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 23/08/13

Photoset - 20/08/13

I was ready for a night out, so I ordered a taxi and then I must have fallen asleep. I woke up in the early hours of the morning still fully dressed, but my feet and especially my toes were a little sticky! I wondered what had happened while I’d fallen asleep, could it be that the taxi driver has played with my feet and left me a special sticky present?

update thumbnail

Unzipping the office workmen

Video - NOW IN HD - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 16/08/13

Photoset - 13/08/13

We've been having problems with the electrics and the flimsy shelves for some time in my office, so at long last I've called in a workman to sort out the problems once and for all. As he worked on the ladder, his bulging crotch was so enticingly close to my mouth, that I just couldn't resist unzipping his fly and playing with his "equipment", whilst he was still working on ours!

update thumbnail

Watch me direct you in my private movie

Video - NOW IN HD - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 09/08/13

Photoset - 06/08/13

I love playing up to the camera, knowing that you are watching and turning you on, so come and take part in my special private movie! I will tell you exactly what to do and direct you in my new movie, and then I will do a bit of playing up to the camera myself!

update thumbnail

Special Physiotherapy from Nurse Abi

Video - NOW IN HD - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 02/08/13

Photoset - 30/07/13

I've been admitted to the hospital with a foot ache and a lovely nurse called Abi has given me some special physiotherapy. Just watch as my toes disappearing inside her wet pussy! Mmmm, I've got to say that I really enjoyed this radical treatment, and look forward to some more on my next visit!

update thumbnail

Burnt-out fetish house

Video - NOW IN HD - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 26/07/13

Photoset - 23/07/13

I love my fetish wear, sky scraper heels that I can barely stand up in and my skin tight red pvc dress always get me feeling horny, and oh so very kinky that I need my massive sword dildo to satisfy me!

update thumbnail

Impressing my Sugar Daddy

Video - NOW IN HD - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 19/07/13

Photoset - 16/07/13

My husband is always away on business, leaving me alone for a long time. And now I'm home alone, bored and no one to take me out for dinner or on a shopping spree. So I've decided to look fo a sugar daddy, who would treat me like a princess while my husband is away, take me shopping and watch me try on some sexy underwear, fully fashioned stockings or take me to dinner, only to discover that I'm not wearing any panties!

update thumbnail

The horny cougar Lady Lana

Video - NOW IN HD - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 12/07/13

Photoset - 09/07/13

I love playing Lady Lana the horny cougar who enjoys seducing younger guys, who are lusting after me. I have a lot of experience and just know how to rub my stockinged legs together, dangle that high heeled shoe and show my most secret and private places! Mmmm that glass toy has seen some hot action, and I just can't get enough...

update thumbnail

Naughty phonesex action

Video - NOW IN HD - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 05/07/13

Photoset - 02/07/13

My girlfriend's cancelled our dinner plans at the last minute, so now I've got to look through my phone to see who I could ask to join me for dinner. I call my special friend, but he is away abroad, so won't be able to make it. Feeling horny now, I decide to tempt him, taking some saucy pictures of me playng with myself, stroking my legs in navy fully fashioned nylons and, after a while, even filming myself fucking my pussy with a glass dildo and having a very powerful orgasm just for him and his phone!

update thumbnail

Are you coming in the lift for a ride

Video - NOW IN HD - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 28/06/13

Photoset - 25/06/13

I'm in the lift, so watch me play with my stockings, click my high heels and go down in the lift naked! Would there be someone waiting to get in the lift when I get downstairs? I really hope so, then I can give them a proper ride!!

update thumbnail

Time for a quick play

Video - NOW IN HD - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 21/06/13

Photoset - 18/06/13

I'm all ready for the party, but I can't leave until I have a little play! Lifting my dress up, and taking my panties off, I laid back in the chair to slide my fingers deep into my wet pussy.... Mmmm, come and watch my most intimate moments!

update thumbnail

An unforgettable encounter with hot Secretary Abi

Video - NOW IN HD - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 14/06/13

Photoset - 11/06/13

It's been a while since I saw my favourite secretary Abi, as she's been moving offices a lot lately, so our paths haven't crossed. She looked lovely as usual, in her sheer nylon stockings, but I've decided on red pantyhose today with me feeling so horny this morning. I just could't keep my hands of her, taking off her clothes and getting carried away as we played with each other over the office desk!

update thumbnail

The perfect way to relax after a hard day shopping

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 07/06/13

Photoset - 04/06/13

I love shopping and always treat myself to brand new purchases. One downside of it though is wearing my 6inch stilettos, as I always like to look good. So when I got back home with my shopping, I couldn't wait to remove my shoes and rub my tired feet. It felt really good, so I relaxed in my chair, letting my hands slide all over my body and down to my wet pussy. I was so horny now, that I reached for my dildo and fucked myself hard until I came all over it!

update thumbnail

Burglar cums back for more

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 31/05/13

Photoset - 28/05/13

I was on my own one evening when I heard a noise. A moment later a hand went across my face and I saw the familiar siluette of my burglar. He had returned for more! He tied my hands and feet tightly with a rope and got his cock out, ordering me to suck it .His cock was so big, I nearly choked on it, but it was strangely exciting too and I got turned on. I felt at his mercy so responded eagerly when he pulled me down roughly on the sofa, spreading my legs and shoving his cock deep inside. He ripped my pantyhose, making a big hole to accomodate his cock and fucked me, ordering me to change positions to please him until he finally came all over my naked pussy, his hot cum spilling all over the torn pantyhose...

update thumbnail

Puss In Boots

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 24/05/13

Photoset - 21/05/13

I enjoy reading a good erotic book, it gets me in the mood. So I slid my hand down my pantyhose and started to play with my pussy. I needed more then my fingers there, so I ripped the gusset of my pantyhose and inserted my glass dildo deep inside, pretending that it was that big cock from the story I was reading. Watch my pussy juices drip down my pantyhose as I fuck myself with that big dildo until I cum hard!

update thumbnail

Sex with road worker

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 17/05/13

Photoset - 14/05/13

I was on my way to meet my friend for lunch when I tripped and fell. I didn't see the sign that road works were in place and got very angry. A builder came out concerned that I might sue the company, and that he'll loose his job. My ankle was throbbing and he volunteered to inspect it. I enjoyed his touch so much, I wanted him to take it further and pretended to take legal action to get my way. And in no time, he was kissing it better, his hot lips and tongue moving up my leg to my pussy and soon he was drilling me with his power tool, and finally exploaded his cum all over my stockings!

update thumbnail

Playing in the office with my dildo

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 10/05/13

Photoset - 07/05/13

I was in my office waiting for my new marketing guru who was taking on a position to market my own stockings range. I've seen her on meetings before and she is a one foxy lady! The thought of a possible sexual encounter between us made me so horny, I had to play with myself, mounting a huge life-like dildo right on my office desk. Well, wait and see what happens when she arrives in my office!

update thumbnail

Fucking my new big black dildo

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 03/05/13

Photoset - 30/04/13

I love shopping, especially for shoes, lingerie and hoisery. Every time I wear my new purchases, it makes me feel sexy and also want to play. So I put on my flesh coloured stockings, run my fingers on them, enjoying the sound they make. I get very horny and can't wait to try on my new pantyhose. My crotch gets very wet straight away and I get out my big black dildo and plunge it deep into my pussy. That's the biggest toy I've ever had inside me!

update thumbnail

Seducing my sexy boot seller Lucy Zara

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 26/04/13

Photoset - 23/04/13

I love sexy high heeled boots, so I've had some custom made for me. They were personally delivered by Lucy Zara to my home, and I couldn't wait to try them on. I really liked Lucy's boots and her stockinged legs and made it clear to her. I then gently traced my hand along her boot up her stockinged leg to her crotch, and soon I was releasing her big heavy breasts out of her top and plunging my fingers deep into her pussy. And, to my amazement, she even had some new dildos she was selling as a sideline, so we had a great time trying them out too! I can't wait for Lucy to come back with more boots and toys for me to try!

update thumbnail

Fucking my pussy against the mirror

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 19/04/13

Photoset - 16/04/13

I love playing sexy games and being dirty and peforming just for you. So I've stripped out of my sexy outfit seductively for your eyes only, leaving on only my fully fashioned stockings and sexy suspenders. Now I'm feeling really horny, and start fucking my big dildo attached to the mirror, and get wetter and wetter as I watch the cock going in and out of my tight pussy, before finally bringing myself to a shuddering orgasm!

update thumbnail

Taking three cocks

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 12/04/13

Photoset - 09/04/13

I enjoy my sex games with my slave and often tease him by fucking myself with my dildo, and then telling him not to cum. If he is good, he gets rewarded and I order him to join me in my sexy games.This time I got myself so hot and horny with my dildo, that I told my slave to get down on his knees and worship my stockinged legs while I carried on playing with my dildo, I then rewarded him with a nice foot wank. I was ready for more sex and told him to get his cock inside my pussy, feeling both his cock and my buzzing vibrator inside my pussy, tingling it and building me up for another orgasm. I was so horny, I kept sucking on my lifelike dildo while being fucked by two cocks.The orgasm I had was unbelievable and I finally allowed my slave to cum all over my dripping wet pussy!

update thumbnail

My sexy PVC dress

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 05/04/13

Photoset - 02/04/13

I enjoy sex and love dressing up for it. So this time I've put on my skin tight PVC dress, stockings and 6 inch mules. I loved caressing the cool PVC fabric on the dress and the silky stockings have got me so turned on, I didn't waste any time to show you that I had no panties on, leaving my pussy open and free to play with. I couldn't wait to dip my fingers into my wet pussy and, wanting something bigger and more fulfilling, I grabbed my vibrator, turned it on and plunged it deep into my pussy, enjoying the vibrating sensation! Soon I was lost in my intense orgasm, mmm....

update thumbnail

My new suede shoes and your cock for my pleasure

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 29/03/13

Photoset - 26/03/13

I love presents, so I got dressed up in my corset, satin gloves and stockings to open the secret box. It was a pair of 6 inch stiletto suede shoes, encrusted with stones on the back, they were so glamourous! I put them on and paraded them in front of you, clicking the heels on the marble stone. I got horny and played with my pussy, and enjoyed you watching me, and soon called you over to play with your cock to my pleasure. I loved feeling your thick cock in my mouth and soon was fucking it in any position I could think of, before finally allowing you to cum all over my wide gaping pussy, covering it completely with your cum! I'm really looking forward to my next gift from you and showing you my appreciation!

update thumbnail

Interviewing Danica for a marketing job

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 18/01/13

Photoset - 15/01/13

I had just managed to straighten my clothes when Danica arrived. She was dressed impeccably in black suit, stockings and extremely high stilettos. I liked her immediately and made it clear. Soon we were kissing passionately and after playing with her massive natural breasts, I got her down on the table for some serious sex. Her pussy tasted so good, I couldn't wait to plunge a big dildo deep into her sweet pussy, making her cum. She got so excited, and was all over me, licking my pussy and fucking me with a dildo at the same time. That was the best sex session I had with my hired help in a long while!

leggy lana free picture

Join me on my holiday to Cuba, my sightseeing few days in Havana and relaxing in Varadero

Video - PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile - 11/01/13

Photoset - 08/01/13

I'm inviting you to join me on my recent travels to Cuba,with it's spectacular pastel coloured buildings and old 50's cars,famous cigars and sounds of salsa,it makes it a memorable place.I had a fantastic 3 day stay in Havana,taking in the culture and insight of everyday life of cubans and the white sandy beaches of Varadero,with it's emerald colour waters and friendly people,Cuba was a holiday to remember.So I hope you enjoy it too!

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